Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Kingdom Hearts Merch Available In The UK!

Hi lovelies! With the new Kingdom Hearts game due out in the UK at the end of this month, I thought I'd put together a little guide to some of the official merchandise that's available over here. Although we don't get as much merch as Japan or the US, with the the imminent arrival of KH3 there are lots of brand spankin' new pieces around at the moment so here are my favourites:
First up, EMP have a great range of Kingdom Hearts merch including some rare and exclusive Funko Pops! My favourites are the Toy Story Sora (#3 - £12.99) and the Christmas Town Sora (#5 - UPDATE: sold out). As well as the normal sized Funkos, they also have Mystery Mini Blind Boxes (#10 - £6.99). Just look at that lil' Mickey! They also have some great Kingdom Hearts apparel such as this Kingdom Hearts 3 Logo Watch (#9 - £24.99) and T-Shirt (#1 - £14.99). This would be so perfect in an oversized size for snuggling up and playing Kingdom Hearts all day long!

If you've always dreamed of having your own Keyblade, GAME sell replica Kingdom and Darkside Keyblades (#8 - £39.99 each). I don't think I've ever needed anything more! They also stock these adorable little Shadow Heartless plushes (#6 - £34.99) which would look so lovely on a Kingdom Hearts-themed shelf! These are both out of stock online but are still available in some physical stores.

Forbidden Planet also have lots of of Kingdom Hearts merchandise, such as these cute-as-heck figural keyrings (#2 - £4.49) and they also stock the graphic novels of the series and volume 1 (#7) is just £5.99! And last but not least, Edge Magazine have the stunning Kingdom Hearts 3 game artwork for the cover of their February 2019 issue (#4)! What's even better is it's a UK magazine so if you can't track one down in stores, they're only £6 delivered online!

Has anyone else got Kingdom Hearts fever at the moment? Less than three weeks to go now!



  1. I’m so jealous that you’ve been to Hong Kong Disneyland! Thank you so much for collaborating with me again, I had so much fun reading your list! Lize x

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