Sunday, 29 July 2018

How To Prepare For Bedtime Like A Disney Princess

Hi lovelies! The lovely Mandy from Mandy Jean World and I have teamed up to share some "get ready" routines based on some of our favourite Disney Princesses! As Aurora is the Queen of beauty sleep I thought I'd share some tips on how to prepare for a night's sleep that even Sleeping Beauty herself would be jealous of!

Last year I started my current shifts at work where I have to be in work for 7 in the morning (sometimes 6!) so that means I really had to get my sleep routine down in the evening. I haven't quite managed to stick to this yet, but when I do it really works wonders so I hope this helps anyone who's struggling with sleep at the moment!
Step one: face mask
Nothing helps me relax in the evenings like a lil' pampering! I'm obsessed with face masks at the moment as they're a fairly low-maintenance way to boost your skin. My next one to try out is this Sleeping Beauty-themed one from Mad Beauty and I can't wait to give it a go!
Step two: make a cup of tea
There are lots of different teas out there that can aid sleep but my current favourite is lavender tea. As well as being caffeine-free, lavender helps reduce anxiety so it's perfect to help you wind-down before bed. If it's cold outside I have it hot but if it's warm night I brew it in a little hot water which I then top up with cold water and ice so you can have it all year round!

Step three: set alarms and put away any electronic devices
You've probably heard this a million times over but electronic devices really do disrupt sleep so I try to set my alarms and then put my phone away about an hour before I go to sleep. If you can, set up a "do not disturb" setting on your phone so you don't get any notifications going off overnight and waking you up!

Step four: read
Next I settle down with a good book. I remember reading a statistic somewhere that just 5 minutes of reading helps you to de-stress so I always try to read even just a little before bedtime as it puts me in a much better mindframe for sleep. I usually read with a candle burning and the window open and it's so relaxing!
Step five: sleep!
It's finally sleep time! Unfortunately I have anxiety and it often bubbles up when I'm trying to sleep so if I find my mind is still racing then I give my pillow a good spritz with a lavender spray. Both my boyfriend and I swear by this stuff as it's such a soothing, calming scent! This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray also works wonders but any lavender spray should have the same effect.

I really hope this helps anyone who's been having trouble with their sleep recently! Let me know if you think I've missed anything that works for you, I need all the help I can get with sleep...!

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