Sunday, 29 July 2018

How To Prepare For Bedtime Like A Disney Princess

Hi lovelies! The lovely Mandy from Mandy Jean World and I have teamed up to share some "get ready" routines based on some of our favourite Disney Princesses! As Aurora is the Queen of beauty sleep I thought I'd share some tips on how to prepare for a night's sleep that even Sleeping Beauty herself would be jealous of!

Last year I started my current shifts at work where I have to be in work for 7 in the morning (sometimes 6!) so that means I really had to get my sleep routine down in the evening. I haven't quite managed to stick to this yet, but when I do it really works wonders so I hope this helps anyone who's struggling with sleep at the moment!
Step one: face mask
Nothing helps me relax in the evenings like a lil' pampering! I'm obsessed with face masks at the moment as they're a fairly low-maintenance way to boost your skin. My next one to try out is this Sleeping Beauty-themed one from Mad Beauty and I can't wait to give it a go!
Step two: make a cup of tea
There are lots of different teas out there that can aid sleep but my current favourite is lavender tea. As well as being caffeine-free, lavender helps reduce anxiety so it's perfect to help you wind-down before bed. If it's cold outside I have it hot but if it's warm night I brew it in a little hot water which I then top up with cold water and ice so you can have it all year round!

Step three: set alarms and put away any electronic devices
You've probably heard this a million times over but electronic devices really do disrupt sleep so I try to set my alarms and then put my phone away about an hour before I go to sleep. If you can, set up a "do not disturb" setting on your phone so you don't get any notifications going off overnight and waking you up!

Step four: read
Next I settle down with a good book. I remember reading a statistic somewhere that just 5 minutes of reading helps you to de-stress so I always try to read even just a little before bedtime as it puts me in a much better mindframe for sleep. I usually read with a candle burning and the window open and it's so relaxing!
Step five: sleep!
It's finally sleep time! Unfortunately I have anxiety and it often bubbles up when I'm trying to sleep so if I find my mind is still racing then I give my pillow a good spritz with a lavender spray. Both my boyfriend and I swear by this stuff as it's such a soothing, calming scent! This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray also works wonders but any lavender spray should have the same effect.

I really hope this helps anyone who's been having trouble with their sleep recently! Let me know if you think I've missed anything that works for you, I need all the help I can get with sleep...!

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Thursday, 5 July 2018

My Current Grail Disney Items Wishlist

Hi lovelies! The problem with being a Disney fan is that most of us always have a wishlist longer than a novel of the various Disney items we *need* in our life... The Disney fandom honestly has to be the most expensive fandom to be in! So the lovely Lize from Lize in Disneyland thought we'd collaborate and share the merch that is top of our respective wishlists at the moment! You can see what made Lize's list here. Let's begin!

Disney Showcase Live Action Cinderella
If you've followed me for a while, or if you're a fan of the film, you might know that my blog is named after the live action Cinderella ("have courage and be kind") so this gorgeous Showcase figurine has been on my wishlist for the longest time! It's so beautifully done and I love that it's her iconic ball dress - I was mesmerised by it from the moment it first appeared on screen! I will definitely have to add this to my collection soon.

Funko Pop
Halloween Town Sora
I've recently started playing Kingdom Hearts and true to my addictive personality, I naturally want to buy all of the merch, including this Halloween Town Sora! I'm a huge fan of Halloween too so this is the perfect crossover for me!

Walt Disney World Christmas 2016 Mug
This was a really hard pick because I've always got a list as long as my arm for grail mugs but this Christmas one has to be at the top! I posted a while ago about how I narrowly missed out on getting it from the Disney Store and it's haunted me ever since! It's the most beautiful Christmas Disney mugs I've ever seen and I so badly want to get my paws on it!

Snow Globe
Disneyland Paris Rapunzel Snow Globe
Another item I missed out on whilst it was on the Disney Store website, argh! I don't own a single Disney snow globe which makes me so sad - snow globes are so gosh darn magical! This Rapunzel one is my most wanted one as Punzie is always my favourite gal and little Pascal is just so adorable in the globe itself! Hopefully I'll be able to track this down on eBay someday.

Loungefly Minnie Mouse Sequined Mini Backpack
This is a very new one but it was like love as first sight... In the backpack form! This ridiculously shiny is currently only available in the US but I'm hoping and praying that it finds its way over here too because it's literally my dream bag... Rose gold, sequins and Minnie Mouse?! HELL YES GIRL.

Walt Disney World Castle
This Lego Castle is an absolute dream! It's a couple of hundred pounds so it will probably always stay a dream for me haha but I've recently got into building Lego - does anyone else find it oddly therapeutic?! - and this would definitely keep me happy for a good number of hours! Plus what a gorgeous display piece it would be once it was finished!

Those are my current favourties! Do you share any of these or do you even own some of these yourself (ngl I'll be very jealous)? Let me know in the comments below!

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