Monday, 29 January 2018

Star Wars Valentine's Day 2018 Gift Guide - For Her & Him

Hi lovelies! With Valentine's Day fast approaching I thought I'd share a round-up of my favourite Star Wars pieces that would make a great gifts for fans. As you can see this is mainly an ode to Porgs, but let's face it, who doesn't love those little guys?! If you don't have a special someone in your life then Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to treat yourself - just think of all that money you're saving on chocolates/flowers/presents etc.! ;)

1. Chewbacca Valentine's Day Card, Typo - £2.50

2. The Last Jedi Reusable Shopper Bag, Disney Store - £3.00
I know this seems like a strange gift but I actually like to buy shopper bags to use as gift bags as they can actually be used again by the recipient afterwards and this Last Jedi one from the Disney Store is a really nice quality one - the images on the front are actually lenticular art!

3. Stance Star Wars Darth Vader Socks, Disney Store - £15.99
I have a pair of the Disney x Stance socks and they're without a doubt the nicest quality socks I own so these are definitely worth the price tag!

4. Porg Lives Matter Pin, Alice Vitrum - £5.00 (pre-order, £7.00 normal price)
Alice Vitrum have some of the loveliest Disney and Star Wars merch but this Porg pin has got to be one of my favourite designs of theirs! It's on pre-order at the moment so it won't arrive until after Valentine's Day but at only £5 it would make a lovely little add-on present to surprise them with after.

5. Porg Loungefly Patch, EMP - £4.99

6. Star Wars Art: Comics, Disney Store - £25.00
If the art on the cover of this book is anything to go by then this book looks like it will be a beauty! If your partner is a fan of Star Wars comics then this would be the perfect gift.

7. Porg Coffee Cozy, Fly a Kite Creations - £5.00
Is this not the cutest coffee cozy you've ever seen?! I actually have one of these myself and it's such great quality and incredibly adorable - a great gift for any coffee-loving Star Wars fan! Plus if you use the code "COURAGE10" you can get 10% off!

8. Porg Loungefly Wallet, EMP - £19.99

9. LEGO Brickheadz Kylo Ren, Zavvi - £9.99
I usually include a Funko Pop in almost every gift guide I do as they make great gifts and are very reasonably priced but this time instead I'm recommending these LEGO Brickheadz! These would be a great addition to your partner's work desk or as a little decoration around the house. I have a feeling I'll be treating myself to this Kylo Ren one before long to add to my shelves!

10. Porgs Cardigan, EMP - £41.99
And last but not least is this ridiculously cute Porgs-in-pocket cardigan from EMP! All of my pockets now feel empty without some adorable lil' Porgs to keep them company...

Hope this helps anyone who was a little stuck for inspiration!


Monday, 22 January 2018

Disney Inspired Drinks: Mickey Ears Vegan Hot Chocolate

Hi lovelies! If you've been reading my blog for a while you'll remember that the lovely Sam from The Belle Jar and I collaborated last year on a series of Disney-inspired nail art and this year we're back! In 2018 we'll be doing a different collab each month and to kick things off we're both sharing a recipe for a Disney-inspired drink!

For my drink I wanted to share a vegan hot chocolate recipe as I've been on the hunt for one I could have at home for a while now and I think I've finally managed to find a good 'un! And of course I've added some Mickey ears to add a bit of Disney magic!

To try this for yourself you'll need:
Sweet Freedom Choc Shot Liquid Chocolate
Swedish Glace Smooth Vanilla
Dairy-free milk (I like to use soya)

This is a very easy drink to make up (I suppose any hot chocolate is...!) but the real star of the show is Sweet Freedom's Choc Shot. It's so versitile - you can use it to make super easy hot chocolates or you can even use it as a chocolate sauce with your favourite desserts! But the best part is that it's made mainly from fruit and no other added sugars so it's only 14 calories per teaspoon!

How to:
To make the hot chocolate I add some soya milk to my favourite Disney mug, heat up in the microwave for 1 minute, add about 4 teaspoons of Choc Shot and then heat for another minute. After giving it a good stir, I add a good few scoops of Swedish Glace in place of whipped cream and add an Oreo each side to make cute lil' Mickey ears! I totally forgot to do it here but as Choc Shot can also be used as a sauce you could also drizzle some over the ice cream to make it extra chocolatey. And that's it!

Let me know if you try this out for yourself and remember to check out Sam's absolutely delicious-looking Disney-inspired smoothie over on her blog!

P.S. I should just mention that I didn't come up with the Oreos for Mickey ears in drink idea myself - I think the lovely Kate Bellamy was the first person I saw doing it!

Friday, 19 January 2018

6 Thoughts On Disney-Pixar's Coco

Hi lovelies! On Saturday I was very lucky enough to be able to attend a special screening of Pixar's new film Coco at BFI Southbank which included a Q&A with one of the directors, Lee Unkrich, and producer Darla K. Anderson! The Q&A was such an amazing experience - to even just be in the same room as two Pixar legends! - but it was so interesting to hear from the creators about their experiences working on this film. But mostly, I came out of the event absolutely in love with Coco and as today is the day it's released in the UK, I thought I'd share my thoughts on it!

1. Going in, I honestly didn't know what to expect but I was very pleasantly surprised
The trailers for Coco don't really give that much of the story away which you'll understand why once you've seen the film so I wasn't really sure what to expect but I was hooked right from the beginning! I'm going to re-watch it again this weekend but I think it's already a contender for one of my all-time favourite Pixar films!

2. It was the most visually stunning Disney film I've ever seen
Disney and Pixar have got some beautiful films under their belts but nothing for me has ever compared to the art from Studio Ghibli films until now. Just wait for the scenes in the Land of the Dead - I was blown away by how gorgeous everything was!

3. I want to Disneybound Mamá Coco's outfit ASAP!
All I could think whenever Mamá Coco was on screen was how cute the colours and designs in her outfit would be to Disneybound so naturally I've already got a wishlist on the go!

4. I cried... A LOT!
I think towards the end of the film I was sat there with my eyes streaming for at least 10 minutes straight! If you don't like sad films don't worry, it's emotional rather than being just sad, but you'll definitely need to bring tissues with you to the cinema!

5. Every character was brilliant
From the main character Miguel to sidekick Dante, to Miguel's sassy grandmother Abueltia - every character was so entertaining and well-rounded, even those with little screen-time ("I asked for a shoe shine, not your life story!").

6. It was so lovely to see Disney/Pixar telling more diverse stories
You could tell from the Q&A just how much the creators cared about making a film that was both respectful and representative of Mexican culture. One of the people who who asked a question in the Q&A was half-Mexican and you could hear the emotion in her voice as she thanked Lee & Darla for making a film where she could see her and her family represented. I have to admit I knew very little about the Day of the Dead and Mexican culture in general so it was lovely to learn a little more about this wonderful holiday.

A big thank you to the lovely Charlie for inviting me to this event! I'd not heard of these events before but apparently BFI did one previously for Moana so it might be worth keeping an eye out on their website when the next Disney/Pixar film comes out in case they do a Q&A again!

If you've seen Coco let me know what you thought about it! I feel like I could talk about it forever!

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