Thursday, 1 June 2017

5 Disney Store Items I Regret Missing Out On

Hi lovelies! If you shop regularly on the Disney Store website then you'll probably know that absolute heartbreak of when you spot something so lovely on the website that you need in your life right this very second only to find out that that by the time you get it into your shopping cart - BAM! - it's completely sold out, never to be seen again. I've experienced this utter devastation many times over the past couple of years so today I thought I'd share a few of the items my little Disney-loving heart has never got over missing out on:

1. Walt Disney World Mickey Mouse and Friends Christmas Mug
This lovely, festive mug appeared on the Disney Store website last Christmas and stupidly I made the mistake of waiting until I was next placing a large order only to find it had sold out by that time! I've been kicking myself over this ever since!

2. Disney Fairytale Designer Collection Rapunzel and Mother Gothel Top
How pretty is this top?! For some reason it wasn't until it was sold out that I realised how much I wanted it...

3. Mary Poppins Sketchbook Decoration
I sadly only discovered this beautiful decoration once it had sold out and I think it's the item I most regret missing out on! It's still on eBay, for over double the price, but I will have to bite the bullet and get one soon before they disappear altogether!

4. Live Action Cinderella Shopper Bag
Somehow I completely missed this shopper bag whilst it was on the website! As you can probably tell from my blog name (it's named after the "have courage and be kind" quote from the live action Cinderella) I'm a huge fan of this film so I'd love to be able to track this down secondhand so I can be the envy of everyone at the supermarket! ;)

5. Art Of Jasmine Mug
Another beautiful mug that I didn't manage to get my paws on before it sold out. This has definitely got to be the prettiest Aladdin mugs I've ever seen!

Sooooo basically if anyone wants to sell any of these items to me, hit me up haha! What Disney Store things do you regret missing out on?

All product images in this post are from the Disney Store


  1. These are gorgeous picks! I love the look of the mary poppins decoration :)


    1. It's stunning isn't it?! Thanks lovely! :) xx

  2. The Mary Poppins decoration is so beautiful! Can't they bring it back just for us?! :'(

    Zoe | The Rambles of Nuggetstump

    1. I know, if only! I feel like they should re-release it again with the new Mary Poppins film tbh ;) xx


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