Thursday, 29 June 2017

5 Female Disney Characters That Inspire Me

Hi lovelies! As Disney continue to make new films I think they're getting better and better at making more diverse, strong female characters. As a result there's so many Disney female characters that I look up to and draw inspiration from so I thought today I'd share five of my favourite heroines:

Ella - the live action Cinderella
Ella's unwavering kindness and optimism are so truly inspiring. Throughout the film she faces many hardships yet she's always able to pick herself back up and remain hopeful for the future. The example of this that always sticks out for me is when a local farmer comes to tell Ella that her father died on his trip away. Despite her grief and the horrible comments from her step-mother and sisters, she thanks the farmer as she understands that it must have been very difficult for him to bring her this news. That's why I want to get the quote that Ella lives by in the film, "have courage and be kind", as my first Disney tattoo. It's such a great life message.

Tiana - The Princess and the Frog
Whenever I'm lounging in bed procrastinating I always think of that bit near the start of The Princess and the Frog where Tiana comes home from one job and goes straight back out to another! Tiana is always working hard in pursuit of her dreams which is why I watched The Princess and the Frog on 1st January this year - I'm trying to make 2017 the year where I have Tiana's kind of drive to chase my own dreams!

Rapunzel - Tangled: Before Ever After
I've always loved Rapunzel but it wasn't until I saw the TV movie that accompanies the new Disney Channel show that I really started to relate to her and become inspired by her. As well as always remaining kind despite the traumas she's been through in her life, in Before Ever After Rapunzel is determined to live her life on her own terms and won't let anyone stop her from her love of exploring and experiencing new things. This is something I'm facing myself right now so I'll be drawing lots of inspiration from Rapunzel to keep myself from wavering.

Judy Hopps - Zootropolis
Like she says in the film, Judy Hopps doesn't know when to quit and even when people are stomping all over her dreams and laughing at her for them, this just makes her even more driven to achieve them. She doesn't care that the odds are stacked against her or the difficulties she faces in chasing her goals, she just keeps working hard. GIRL, YES.

Mulan never needs saving by anyone, not Shang, nor any of the other soldiers. If anything if she's not saving herself, she's saving someone else, like the whole of China for example...! She's so strong willed and determined, and she never gives up which is a total inspiration for me.

I'm sure I'm forgetting some other kick-ass girls here so I'll likely do a part two to this in future! Which female Disney characters inspire you?


Sunday, 25 June 2017

Why I Love Kylo Ren So Much

Hi lovelies! I was recently flicking through the recent Vanity Fair issue that had a feature on the upcoming Last Jedi film and I was just overwhelmed with my love for Kylo Ren (y'know... As you do...). I know there's a lot of people who aren't the biggest fan of him so I thought I'd write a post where I attempt to explain why I think he's such a brilliant character in the hope I can convert a few of you! Just a warning - this post will contain spoilers for The Force Awakens so proceed with caution!

He's beautiful AF
I mean, let's get the obvious out of the way first right? When he takes his helmet off in The Force Awakens, OH MY GOSH. That hair though. I spoke to someone on Instagram who said she audibly gasped in the cinema at that bit and girl, YES.

He is not your average villain
Whether it's Disney, Star Wars or any other franchise, I've never really been a fan of villains so it took me by surprise when I came out of the cinema loving Kylo! I think this is because he's not the usual villain as he is conflicted about which path he should take, between the dark side and the light. Combined with his emotional instability, I think this makes him a much more interesting and realistic villain than ones that are 100% villainous as you're never really sure what he'll do or how he'll react and I'm looking forward to seeing how this plays out in the next two films.

He's also a complete badass
There's a lot of examples I could give here but my favourite has to be the scene in the forest towards the end where he purposely smacks the injury in his side from Chewbacca, acting like it's totally no biggie that he's just been shot and is casually bleeding all over the place.

His imagery is EVERYTHING
From his awesome-as-hell crossguard lightsaber, to the design of his ship and costume, everything about Kylo's concept is so aesthetically pleasing. It also reflects his personality brilliantly, such as the serrated edges on his lightsaber which are due to the crystal inside that powers it being incredibly powerful yet unstable.

So there we are... That's why I'm hopelessly in love with Kylo Ren haha. I'm so excited to find out more about his background in the upcoming films and to see how much he lets himself be cosumed by the dark side. I hope I've at least convinced anyone who wasn't previously a fan of him just a little bit of how great a character is!

All GIFs used in this post are from GIPHY

Thursday, 22 June 2017

My Updated Disney Mug Collection | 2017

Hi lovelies! Last year I shared my Disney mug collection for the first time and I've been eager to do an updated post as I've managed to get my paws on so many lovely new mugs since then!

As you can see compared to my measly collection of nine mugs last year, I've added a lot more mugs to my shelves! Today I'll show you the new mugs I've bought and where I bought them from, but if you'd like any information about the ones that I included in my last collection post, you can find all the details here. Let's begin!

Disney Store mugs:
Top row: Walt Disney World Mary Poppins Mug, Snow White 3D Poisoned Apple Mug & Walt Disney World Mickey Mouse Halloween Mug
Bottom row: Nightmare Before Christmas Mug, Chip Character Mug, Edna Mode Mug & Zootropolis Mug

The Disney Store have been killing it recently with their mug designs. I'm especially in love with the Mary Poppins mug with it's beautiful baby pink interior and ornate handle. I honestly don't think Disney have ever made a prettier mug! The poisoned apple mug is also a favourite of mine - it has a pearlescent finish to it which is so stunning. I don't think it'll be leaving my hands for the entire Halloween season!

 Second-hand mugs:
Top row: Aladdin mug (eBay) & Sleeping Beauty Aurora mug (Facebook Disney group)
Bottom row: Anna Flowers Frozen mug (Depop) & Cinderella mug (car boot sale)

I've also had some very good fortune with second-hand Disney mugs! The Sleeping Beauty mug was on my grail list so I was over the moon to be able to add it to my collection. Luckily it appeared in a Facebook Disney selling group when I happened to be scrolling through one day so I snapped it up straight away.

Other brands:
TruffleShuffle Beauty and the Beast Boxed Latte Mug & Cath Kidston Puppies and Roses Stanley Mug

I also bought these two lovey non-Disney-Store mugs. The Beauty and the Beast mug was from TruffleShuffle and I'd been waiting for them to release it for months! Unfortunately much to my surprise I didn't like any of the mugs that the Disney Store released in the live action BATB collection so this was the perfect substitute. The other mug came from Disney's 101 Dalmatian collaboration with Cath Kidston. Is there a more perfect pairing than puppies and roses?

And last but not least, when we visited Hong Kong Disneyland in September I knew I wanted to pick up a Gelatoni mug as I'd seen them on Instagram before and fallen in love. Luckily for me there were still loads on the shelves, and even luckier I managed to get it back to the UK in one piece! It's definitely the most unique mug in my collection!

I hope you enjoyed this peek at my Disney mug collection! See you next year when I'll inevitably have double the number of mugs I do now, haha!

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Disney Nail Art Collab - Ella (Live Action Cinderella)

Hi lovelies! For this month's Disney nail art collab with the oh-so-talented Sam from The Belle Jar, the theme is the 2015 live action Cinderella! I'm a huge fan of this film, I even named this blog after it, so of course I had to ask Sam if I could do Ella for this collab!

I mostly associate blue and gold with Ella - the blue from her dress and the gold of the butterflies on her glass slippers - so to represent her beautiful blue ball dress I use Essie's Bikini So Teeny which has a small amount of fine glitter in it so it's the perfect Cinderella blue! For the ring finger I'd originally planned to do a little arrangement of butterflies but as it turns out, I can't draw butterflies at all... I know, I'm sure even kiddos who can barely grasp a pencil can draw a butterfly but no matter what I tried, mine always came out looking like misshapen flowers! What a pro.

So, changing tactics, I deiced to try to represent the famous Cinderella Midnight countdown by painting on a simple little clock face with a Barry M white nail art pen. For the gold details I used Nature Republic's #48 nail polish for the background of the clock face and a glitter polish from Studio London for the sparkly tips.

I was worried about this look from start to end but now I've seen how they look finished I'm actually pretty pleased with how they turned out! See you next months for our next collab!

"Where there in kindness, there is goodness. Where there is goodness, there is magic."


Friday, 16 June 2017

Tangled: The Series Disney Store Merchandise Review

Hi lovelies! If you follow me on Twitter, you've probably seen that I've been obsessing over the new Tangled: The Series show, so of course when the Disney Store released a collection featuring the artwork, I had to buy a whole bunch of it! Today I thought I'd share my thoughts on the goodies I've managed to get my paws on so far in case anyone was thinking about picking up some pieces themselves:

This was the first item that I managed to grab, even before the collection was released as a whole, thanks to the kindness of the lovely Sophie who picked this up from the Oxford Street Disney Store for me! I don't know about you but I adore the new animation style from the show and I think it looks especially pretty on this purple cup! It also features Maximus and a very sassy-looking Pascal which is an added bonus.

Another item I *had* to buy was the Journal! It already looked so lovely from the website but when it arrived it was even more beautiful in real life! It features lots of lovely artwork and it even has one of the quotes that was featured in the show on the inside cover. Even if you're like me and already have hundreds of Disney notepads, this one is a must-have for your collection.

I also ordered this beautiful tote bag (seriously, how gorgeous is the artwork from this show?!) and this cute little Pascal soft toy. I have to make a bit of a confession, I was never really keen on the previous design on the Pascal soft toys as I didn't like the scales they added onto him so I much prefer this adorable new version!

And last but not least, I picked up a few Tsum Tsums from the new Tangled: The Series collection. I ended up getting Rapunzel, Flynn, Pascal & Cassandra and for the most part I was really pleased with them! Although Rapunzel's plain hair was a little disappointing (I was hoping they'd make her hair like it is in the series), Flynn was a massive improvement on the previous Tangled collection! He definitely looks a lot more recognisible than the previous Flynn Tsum and the little details on Pascal and Cassandra are really sweet as well. I love her little sword!

Basically I'm so in love with everything the Disney Store has made for this show! If only they'd bring out a mug too, then I'd be all set... *winks in the Disney Store's general direction*


Wednesday, 7 June 2017

My 10 Favourite Tsum Tsums

Hi lovelies! In case you haven't seen my previous posts on my Tsum Tsum collection, I am a huge Tsum Tsum fan. I've been collecting for a few years now and in that time I've managed to get my paws on some super cute Tsums so today I thought I'd share my favourite ones! Half of them turned out to be varieties of Minnie Mouse (#StyleIcon) so let's begin with those:


1. New York City Minnie
I don't think I could order these Tsum Tsums in order of preference but if I *had* to choose, this one would probably be my favourite! One of my friends kindly got her Sister to pick one of these up for us each when she was in New York and I'm so grateful! She's so cute and pretty.

2. London Minnie Mouse
How cute is this Minnie in a little Queen outfit?! I'm obsessed with her little crown and velvet cape!

3. Japan Valentine's Day 2015 Minnie
This has got to be my favourite-ever collection of Tsum Tsums as it combines two of my favourite things - bows and polka dots! Sadly I went paid mega bucks for this collection while it was a Japan exclusive, only for the UK Disney Store to release them all as a very reasonably-priced box set a few months later... Ooops!

4. Minnie and Friends Dressy Set Minnie
When we went to Hong Kong last year the boyfriend surprised me with this set whilst we were shopping in the Disney Store before we'd even left the airport! I don't have any of the Harajuku-style Tsum Tsum sets so this was a lovely surprise.

5. Miahama Disney Store 15th Anniversary Minnie
Another set of Tsums that I paid a lot of money for, but I'm still so glad I bought them! I have Mickey and Minnie from this set and they're worth it alone for their adorable little birthday hats!

Other characters:

1. Thumper
The little rabbit that started it all! For weeks I kept wandering into Clintons like a moth to a flame every time I passed to look at their Tsum Tsums and then one day my boyfriend treated me to a little Thumper and the craziness began!

2. Halloween 2015 Dale
Although I may have missed out on the ever sought-after Pumpkin Mickey and Minnie these Pumpkin-costumed Chip and Dale help to make up for it! The design on them is so lovely and they're also incredibly soft!

3. Advent Calendar 2016 Baymax
There were so many brilliantly designed Tsum Tsums in the advent calendar that the Disney Store released last year but I think Baymax has to be my favourite. The fairy lights and little Santa hat are just too cute to handle!

4. Baby Groot
He may not be rare or exclusive, but he's just SO DAMN CUTE! 

5. Hong Kong Spring 2016 ShellieMay
When we were waiting to our flight home from Hong Kong last year I had some Hong Kong Dollars left over so of course I had to spend them in the airport Disney Store! I chose a Spring set with Duffy and ShellieMay in these adorable nautical-style outfits. Although you can't see it from the photos they have little Mickeys embroidered on their bottoms which is such a lovely little touch.

Do you have any of these Tsums? Let me know which of your own collection would make your top 10 list!


Thursday, 1 June 2017

5 Disney Store Items I Regret Missing Out On

Hi lovelies! If you shop regularly on the Disney Store website then you'll probably know that absolute heartbreak of when you spot something so lovely on the website that you need in your life right this very second only to find out that that by the time you get it into your shopping cart - BAM! - it's completely sold out, never to be seen again. I've experienced this utter devastation many times over the past couple of years so today I thought I'd share a few of the items my little Disney-loving heart has never got over missing out on:

1. Walt Disney World Mickey Mouse and Friends Christmas Mug
This lovely, festive mug appeared on the Disney Store website last Christmas and stupidly I made the mistake of waiting until I was next placing a large order only to find it had sold out by that time! I've been kicking myself over this ever since!

2. Disney Fairytale Designer Collection Rapunzel and Mother Gothel Top
How pretty is this top?! For some reason it wasn't until it was sold out that I realised how much I wanted it...

3. Mary Poppins Sketchbook Decoration
I sadly only discovered this beautiful decoration once it had sold out and I think it's the item I most regret missing out on! It's still on eBay, for over double the price, but I will have to bite the bullet and get one soon before they disappear altogether!

4. Live Action Cinderella Shopper Bag
Somehow I completely missed this shopper bag whilst it was on the website! As you can probably tell from my blog name (it's named after the "have courage and be kind" quote from the live action Cinderella) I'm a huge fan of this film so I'd love to be able to track this down secondhand so I can be the envy of everyone at the supermarket! ;)

5. Art Of Jasmine Mug
Another beautiful mug that I didn't manage to get my paws on before it sold out. This has definitely got to be the prettiest Aladdin mugs I've ever seen!

Sooooo basically if anyone wants to sell any of these items to me, hit me up haha! What Disney Store things do you regret missing out on?

All product images in this post are from the Disney Store
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