Sunday, 7 May 2017

My New Obsession: Disney Sing-Along CDs

Hi lovelies! Last weekend my boyfriend got a new stereo for his car so of course we had to break it in with a Disney songs marathon! Although I thought I had a pretty good knowledge for Disney lyrics I'm ashamed to say that there were surprisingly few songs that I actually knew all the words to... What a sorry excuse for a Disney fan haha!

Luckily for me however UMC kindly sent me these Disney Sing-Along CDs recently! I believe these are a new range which include both the vocal and instrumental versions of popular Disney songs and they also come with a booklet of matching lyrics. Some of CDs have covers by other singers, and others the original Disney vocalists but even if they're covers they're done so well! I'm playing the Beauty and Beast live action one a lot at the moment as I want to learn the lyrics before I see them film again next and I didn't really realise just how emotional the lyrics to Evermore were! Let's just say I was half-singing, half-sobbing when I was playing it earlier this afternoon...

If you need to brush up on your Disney song lyrics like me, or you just love a good sing-along to all your favourite Disney songs, these are the perfect buy! They'd also be brilliant for karaoke sessions with your friends or long road trips. I know I'll be subjecting my boyfriend and family to my singing along to these on car journeys from now on!

The new Beauty and the Beast live action one is available here from Amazon and at the time of writing this post, it was only £3! I've noticed they've also got a Moana one available which I think I'll have to treat myself to when I get paid next month. Disney lyrics: expert level - here I come!



  1. i do this on youtube all the time! :D

    1. Haha I need to start doing that too! I definitely need to step up my Disney lyrics knowledge...! xx


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