Thursday, 4 May 2017

10 Super Easy Little Acts of Kindness #2

Hi lovelies! Here's my second installment in Kim's Ambassadors of Kindness campaign where I share some super easy little acts of kindness that you can pick from to try over the next couple of months. We should all be nice and polite to each other anyway but I know sometimes I need a little reminder to spread that extra bit of kindness so I hope these help you guys too!

1. If someone's going to an exam or job interview etc. give them a text in the morning to wish them good luck

2. When you're popping to the shops, check if anyone you live with would like something picking up

3. If you follow any small bloggers and you enjoyed one of their posts, leave a comment!

4. Heading out of the house before your roommate/partner/family etc.? Leave a post-it note somewhere they'll see, like the kitchen table or bathroom mirror, with a cute little message on!

5. Check in with someone you've not spoken to a while for no other reason than to ask how they're doing

6. Leaving a pay-and-display car park early? Give your ticket to a driver who's just parked up

7. Next time you hang out with someone, try to keep your phone in your bag apart from taking photos

8. Set aside £5/$10 in your purse for when you receive really great service from someone in a restaurant/at the hairdressers etc.

9. Donate your read magazines to your local doctor/dentist surgery

10. Next time someone at work helps you out, even if it's something small, let them know how grateful you are

See you in June for my next list!


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