Thursday, 18 May 2017

Disney Couture Spring 2017 Wishlist

Hi lovelies! I'm sure Disney Couture is a firm favourite of most Disney fans anyway but their recent collections have been killing it for me, especially since they introduced rose gold! I was browsing through their website a few weeks ago and I fell in love with so many pieces so today I thought I'd share a few of my favourites:

1. Alice In Wonderland Rose Gold-Plated Curved Key Bracelet - £29
2. Rose Gold-Plated Mickey Mouse Head Stud Earrings - £16
3. Minnie Mouse Rocks White Gold-Plated Headband Necklace - £45
4. Beauty and the Beast Rose-Gold Plated Enchanted Rose Bracelet - £27
5. Rose Gold-Plated Winnie the Pooh Engraved Message Bangle - £34

...Of course almost everything is rose gold haha!

I'm definitely going to have to pick up a pair of these Mickey Mouse earrings (#2) soon. They'd be perfect for adding a little Disney to everyday! And how adorable is that Minnie Mouse necklace (#3)? I don't think I'd ever be able to take it off! I like that it's on a longer chain as well so it would be perfect for layering with other necklaces. What I love about all of these pieces though is that they're quite subtle - you could probably get away with wearing most of these to work etc. without anyone spotting they're Disney!

Have you bought anything from Disney Couture recently?

All images are from the Disney Couture UK website with the exception of #1 which is from

Monday, 15 May 2017

Disney Nail Art Collab - Thumper (Bambi)

Hi lovelies! For this month's Disney nail art collab with the lovely Sam, the theme was Bambi and as there wasn't really a "couple" for us to do this month, we picked our own characters for our designs. As Thumper means a lot to me - he was my first ever Tsum Tsum which the boyfriend bought for me (naturally I blame him for my collecting addiction!) - I decided to base my design around this loveable bunny.

As usual I kept things pretty simple (a reflection of my lack of nail art skills really...!). For the centre three nails I painted on elements of Thumper - his paw print, face and his adorable little tail. And then for the remaining two nails I did a polka dot and a glitter nail using Thumper's colours - grey, white and pink!

What do you think? If anything I've at least figured out how to do decent polka dots now so you'll probably be seeing a lot more of that pattern in my next few nail art posts haha! Make sure to check out Sam's design for this month - it's the cutest thing ever!


Sunday, 7 May 2017

My New Obsession: Disney Sing-Along CDs

Hi lovelies! Last weekend my boyfriend got a new stereo for his car so of course we had to break it in with a Disney songs marathon! Although I thought I had a pretty good knowledge for Disney lyrics I'm ashamed to say that there were surprisingly few songs that I actually knew all the words to... What a sorry excuse for a Disney fan haha!

Luckily for me however UMC kindly sent me these Disney Sing-Along CDs recently! I believe these are a new range which include both the vocal and instrumental versions of popular Disney songs and they also come with a booklet of matching lyrics. Some of CDs have covers by other singers, and others the original Disney vocalists but even if they're covers they're done so well! I'm playing the Beauty and Beast live action one a lot at the moment as I want to learn the lyrics before I see them film again next and I didn't really realise just how emotional the lyrics to Evermore were! Let's just say I was half-singing, half-sobbing when I was playing it earlier this afternoon...

If you need to brush up on your Disney song lyrics like me, or you just love a good sing-along to all your favourite Disney songs, these are the perfect buy! They'd also be brilliant for karaoke sessions with your friends or long road trips. I know I'll be subjecting my boyfriend and family to my singing along to these on car journeys from now on!

The new Beauty and the Beast live action one is available here from Amazon and at the time of writing this post, it was only £3! I've noticed they've also got a Moana one available which I think I'll have to treat myself to when I get paid next month. Disney lyrics: expert level - here I come!


Thursday, 4 May 2017

10 Super Easy Little Acts of Kindness #2

Hi lovelies! Here's my second installment in Kim's Ambassadors of Kindness campaign where I share some super easy little acts of kindness that you can pick from to try over the next couple of months. We should all be nice and polite to each other anyway but I know sometimes I need a little reminder to spread that extra bit of kindness so I hope these help you guys too!

1. If someone's going to an exam or job interview etc. give them a text in the morning to wish them good luck

2. When you're popping to the shops, check if anyone you live with would like something picking up

3. If you follow any small bloggers and you enjoyed one of their posts, leave a comment!

4. Heading out of the house before your roommate/partner/family etc.? Leave a post-it note somewhere they'll see, like the kitchen table or bathroom mirror, with a cute little message on!

5. Check in with someone you've not spoken to a while for no other reason than to ask how they're doing

6. Leaving a pay-and-display car park early? Give your ticket to a driver who's just parked up

7. Next time you hang out with someone, try to keep your phone in your bag apart from taking photos

8. Set aside £5/$10 in your purse for when you receive really great service from someone in a restaurant/at the hairdressers etc.

9. Donate your read magazines to your local doctor/dentist surgery

10. Next time someone at work helps you out, even if it's something small, let them know how grateful you are

See you in June for my next list!


Tuesday, 2 May 2017

The Cat Hairband For A Fiver! (CBTM April 2017)

Hi lovelies! April's Cute Buy of the Month has to be one of my favourite things that I've ever featured in this series! I've been getting more into using face masks recently so I was in need of a hairband to keep my hair back. I remembered seeing this ridiculously adorable cat hairband from Korean beauty brand Etude House a while ago so I finally got round to ordering it and oh my gosh. It's somehow even cuter in real life! It also reminds me of Marie from The Artistocats which makes me love it even more!

Marie vibes! (Please excuse my rather red post-face mask face!)

But even better is the price! These are available from a few different websites like Amazon and YesStyle but I got mine from eBay for £4.99 delivered! If you type in "etude house headband" to eBay you should be able to find it - the seller I bought it off was based in the UK so it arrived very quickly but you can also get it from Korean sellers a little cheaper if you don't mind a longer wait!

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