Wednesday, 12 April 2017

The Problem With Disflix For The Disney Community

Hi lovelies, today is a bit of a different post but just before we begin I should state that I'm not writing this post to bash the people behind Disflix - I'm sure they're already having a pretty difficult time from the general reaction to their project but I thought it was important to talk about the Disflix idea as a whole and the impact it could have had on the Disney community because it raised some important issues I don't think we always talk about.

If you somehow missed the social media storm in the Disney community over the past few days, a group of Walt Disney World vloggers announced that they would be launching a new project called "Disflix" which would be a pay-monthly service ($10 I believe) where subscribers could access exclusive videos related to WDW such as trip planning tips and live streams from the parks. However after a lot of backlash from the community, the project was shut down yesterday. While I have absolutely no problem with content creators being paid for their hard work, unfortunately I don't think the team behind Disflix thought out the practicalities of their payment model and how this could conflict with Disney's rules, and consequently the larger impact this could have upon Disney content creators of all types.

As I'm sure was the case with the people behind Disflix, anyone who creates non-official Disney content, whether it be Disney vloggers, bloggers or merchandise creators, we do so out of a love and passion for Disney. However we are all on incredibly thin ice with the Disney Company. At any point Disney could decide that nobody is allowed to call themselves Disney vloggers or bloggers anymore, and they could entirely stop people from using their imagery in merchandise.

I think most Disney fan creators realise how fragile our relationship with Disney is but the problem with Disflix is that it inadvertently put all of us at risk. While at the moment the Disney Company seems to be open to working with unofficial Disney brands and creators, such as it's acceptance and promotion of DisneyBounding, they could revoke this well within their rights at any point if they deem us to be becoming a problem for them. I therefore think this is the reason that most people had issue with Disflix - it unfortunately violated some of Disney's rules (such as not profiting off any footage filmed in the parks) and if it had continued it may have put the rest of us in danger as well.

Again I don't mean this post to pick on the team behind Disflix but I think moving forward this is something we need to keep in our minds in future. Anyone who creates Disney-based content relies on the Disney Company's acceptance of fan-produced work so it's important that we try our best to stick within any guidelines and rules so we can all continue to spread our love of Disney unhindered.

Much love xxx



  1. i completely missed this but you are so right. i am constantly aware of how thin the line between acceptable and unacceptable is. great post sweet :)

    1. Aaaah thanks so much Sam! I was so worried about publishing this post haha so that's very relieving to hear! :) xx


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