Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Disney Nail Art Collab - Aladdin

Hi lovelies! It's time for the next part in Sam from The Belle Jar and I's monthly Disney nail art collab, and this month the film is Aladdin! Sam has tackled Jasmine-themed nails this month whilst I tried my best with the man himself, Aladdin!

It took me quite a few attempts to come up with this design as none of the previous ones I tried seemed to be working! In the end I decided to keep things simple by mainly using the two colours I most associate with Aladdin - purple and gold (Ciate's Talent Scout and No 7's Hot To Trot). I then added some glitter to the tips of the purple nails to make them a little glitzier (Ciate's Party Shoes and an unnamed gold glitter polish from Studio London) and I then painted the 'A' from the Aladdin logo onto the ring finger.

If I ever get the chance to go to the Aladdin musical that's currently showing in London at the moment then I think I'll definitely have to re-create these to wear there! Remember to check out Sam's Jasmine nails too.

See you in May for our next installment!


Tuesday, 18 April 2017

My Perfect Day In Hong Kong Disneyland

Hi lovelies! The ever-so-lovely and Disney blogging goals Lottie from Lottie Does posted on Twitter a while back to say that she was looking to collab with other bloggers so I jumped at the chance! As both of us have been to Hong Kong Disneyland and fallen in love with the resort, Lottie suggested we do a post on what our perfect day in Hong Kong Disneyland would be. My boyfriend and I are actually hoping to go back to Hong Kong either later this year or early in 2018 so this was the perfect opportunity for me to plan our next visit! Here are the things I'd love to get up to:

On my perfect day in Hong Kong Disneyland I'd have stayed the night before at their Hong Kong Disneyland hotel and start off the day with a character breakfast at the hotel's Enchanted Garden Restaurant. I've never done a character dining experience before but I should imagine it's the most magical way to start the day! After we'd finished there we'd head down to the park for opening at 10.30 and as the park is generally quieter in the mornings, we'd get the rides out the way first. We'd visit our favourites from our last trip like Mystic Manor, Astro Blasters, Hyperspace Mountain (seriously we went on FIVE TIMES in one day!), RC Racer, Parachute Drop, Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars, and also make sure to try some of the ones that we missed last time like It's A Small World, the Mad Hatter Tea Cups and Mickey's PhilharMagic.

After that we'd head back to the hotel for a Disney Dim Sum lunch at their Crystal Lotus restaurant. They do buns and pancakes shaped like Disney characters such as the Toy Story Aliens, Olaf and Duffy & ShellieMay and quite honestly I think I might die from the cuteness. We'd always prefer to visit HKDL during the week if possible as it's a lot quieter then but as they only do the Disney Dim Sum on weekends I'd happily put up with the extra crowds and longer waits for a Baymax bun!

After lunch we'd head back into the park to catch their afternoon shows - the Festival of The Lion King and Mickey and the Wondrous Book. Unfortunately the last time we visited we didn't get the chance to see either of these but I've heard so many great things about them! Once we'd seen those I'd love to go in search of characters. HKDL seem to have a great range of characters for meet-and-greets so as I've only met Minnie and Chewbacca before I'd be happy with any character I haven't met yet!

Before dinner I'd then probably drag my poor, long-suffering boyfriend round to get some Instagram photos (gotta get that castle photo!) before we grab some food at one of their Quick Service restaurants. Last time we ate at the Explorer's Club Restraurant which we really enjoyed but this time I'd like to try the Royal Banquet Hall as the interior is decorated with Disney Princesses galore! They have four different food stations there: Grill, Japan, Guang Dong and International so we'd definitely head over to the Japan one for some sushi and ramen soup!

Once we'd had dinner we'd then hit the shops on Main Street to pick up some obviously necessarily souvenirs (HKDL have an amazing range of merchandise... As you can see from my haul from my last trip, I bought a lot!) before finding a spot for the Paint the Night parade at 7:30, followed by the Fireworks at 8:30. The perfect end to a perfect day!

I hope I've convinced you guys to visit Hong Kong Disneyland if you're able to as it's the most magical little park! It unfortunately seems to get overlooked a lot in preference to other Disney resorts but when we visited last year I feel like it stole a piece of my heart!  Thanks again Lottie for coming up with the idea for this wonderful collaboration - this was definitely the most fun I've ever had in researching a blog post! Make sure you check out what Lottie chose for her perfect day!


Wednesday, 12 April 2017

The Problem With Disflix For The Disney Community

Hi lovelies, today is a bit of a different post but just before we begin I should state that I'm not writing this post to bash the people behind Disflix - I'm sure they're already having a pretty difficult time from the general reaction to their project but I thought it was important to talk about the Disflix idea as a whole and the impact it could have had on the Disney community because it raised some important issues I don't think we always talk about.

If you somehow missed the social media storm in the Disney community over the past few days, a group of Walt Disney World vloggers announced that they would be launching a new project called "Disflix" which would be a pay-monthly service ($10 I believe) where subscribers could access exclusive videos related to WDW such as trip planning tips and live streams from the parks. However after a lot of backlash from the community, the project was shut down yesterday. While I have absolutely no problem with content creators being paid for their hard work, unfortunately I don't think the team behind Disflix thought out the practicalities of their payment model and how this could conflict with Disney's rules, and consequently the larger impact this could have upon Disney content creators of all types.

As I'm sure was the case with the people behind Disflix, anyone who creates non-official Disney content, whether it be Disney vloggers, bloggers or merchandise creators, we do so out of a love and passion for Disney. However we are all on incredibly thin ice with the Disney Company. At any point Disney could decide that nobody is allowed to call themselves Disney vloggers or bloggers anymore, and they could entirely stop people from using their imagery in merchandise.

I think most Disney fan creators realise how fragile our relationship with Disney is but the problem with Disflix is that it inadvertently put all of us at risk. While at the moment the Disney Company seems to be open to working with unofficial Disney brands and creators, such as it's acceptance and promotion of DisneyBounding, they could revoke this well within their rights at any point if they deem us to be becoming a problem for them. I therefore think this is the reason that most people had issue with Disflix - it unfortunately violated some of Disney's rules (such as not profiting off any footage filmed in the parks) and if it had continued it may have put the rest of us in danger as well.

Again I don't mean this post to pick on the team behind Disflix but I think moving forward this is something we need to keep in our minds in future. Anyone who creates Disney-based content relies on the Disney Company's acceptance of fan-produced work so it's important that we try our best to stick within any guidelines and rules so we can all continue to spread our love of Disney unhindered.

Much love xxx


Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Cute Buy Of The Month - March 2017

Hi lovelies! I skipped last month's Cute Buy Of The Month as I'm on a spending ban at the moment with a house move coming up. In March however I was making an order with the Disney Store anyway for a Pua my boyfriend bought for me, and when I saw this adorable bag I had to break my ban a little to get it!

It's from the Disney Store's ever-gorgeous Animators' Collection and features lots of lovely little Alice in Wonderland drawings including Dinah, The Cheshire Cat, china cups, and of course Alice herself! It also has a rose gold charm and zip which as I'm obsessed with rose gold made me very happy! The Disney Store are really paying attention to what's trending at the moment.

Unfortunately I think it's meant for children as it is rather on the small side but I think this will be the perfect size for keeping your essentials in at the airport and then stowing away in your carry-on bag for the plane! It should easily fit a phone, passport, tickets and some bank cards/coins and notes so you won't have to keep searching around your main bag every time you need them. However while it is quite small, an advantage of being from the kids section is that the price was teeny tiny too - only £9.99! Not bad for such a pretty bag!

At the time of writing this it is still available on the UK's Disney Store website - just search for 'Alice bag' and it should come up!

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