Tuesday, 14 February 2017

February 2017 Disney London Meetup & London Haul

Hi lovelies! On Saturday I headed off to London for the Feburary #DisneyLondonMU - the second one that I've been able to attend. As you can see from the photo below loads of people came to this one! Unfortunately I didn't get to talk to everyone I wanted to (damn my awkwardness/shyness!) but the people that I did speak to were downright lovely!

Credit goes to @lostinthemagic1 and @playtalkwearred for these photos!

Once we'd all had a look around the Disney Store, everyone broke up into smaller groups for some lunch and shopping. Luckily I somehow ended up with the loveliest bunch of girls: Lizi and Mallory who I'd met previously and Sam, Victoria and Jackie! I'd been wanting to meet Sam and Victoria for ages as I'd known them through Disney Twitter/Disney blogging and I can honestly say that they were just as lovely in real life! We headed off for Pizza Hut for lunch followed by a good few hours of shopping around Oxford Street! Of course I ended up picking up quite a few bits and pieces...

...And here's what I ended up buying!

From the Disney Store I bought this adorable little Animators' Collection bag (#1) and Minnie Mouse emoji soft toy (#2). I picked up the emoji soft toy to see what it was as I hadn't spotted these before but when I felt how soft and squidgy it was, I couldn't put it back! I think I'll actually use it as a stressball haha!

We also ended up in the Lush Oxford Street store. This was my first visit and I can definitely see why people rave about it now - it was absolutely huge! As I don't currently have a bath (woe is me...) I headed off to the shower gel section. To my surprise they had Lord of Misrule (#3) which is my favourite shower gel from Lush but I believe it's usually a seasonal product in other shops so of course I had to pick up a bottle! I also bought a little bottle of Plum Rain to try out.

During the meet I also picked up a few things off the people there. From Lizi I got some more of her magical Disney Underground prints (#6) from her Etsy shop that I'd ordered (expect to see lots of pictures of these on my social media and blog over the next few weeks!), and from Sam I received this gorgeous Disney plaque keyring (#4) that her parents had kindly picked up for me from the Parks!

And finally, before I'd even headed to the meetup, I realised the place I was meeting Lizi was right next to the Platform 9 3/4 Harry Potter shop! Of course I had to have a little nosy around and before long I was heading out with a new Hufflepuff hat (#5) in my hands... In my defence, it was freezing cold that day so this was a necessary purchase really! ;)

Thank you so much to Lizi and Eleanor for organising this meetup! I had such a lovely time!



  1. Wow! what an amazing turn out! I love the idea of having the meet up ticket like the tickets you get in the parks, that's a really nice touch :) I'd love to know who designed that or how they made them, its so cool! :D also love your purchases, that minnie emoji is adorable!


    1. Lizi made the little FastPasses, aren't they adorable?! xx

  2. This looks like an amazing meet up! Something very different and I suppose with it being Disney you know you all love the same thing. I love everything you picked up, especially those Disney Underground Prints! Like woow, those are amazing. I've seen them a couple of times now, I would love some of my own.

    Gemma |

    1. I'd definitely recommend the Underground Prints! I've got quite a few of them now and they're so lovely! They make such a nice display. And thank you lovely :) xx

  3. That Animator's Collection bag is so cute!
    It looks like you had an amazing day in London.


    1. Isn't it?! I just need to figure out a use for it now haha. Hopefully I'll get to see you at another of the meets later this year! :) xx

  4. Ah I wish I could have attended! Looks like you had an amazing time though. That keyring is just perfect! x

    1. Thank you lovely, hopefully I'll be able to meet you at another event later in the year! <3 xx


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