Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Have Courage and Be Kind #AmbassadorsOfKindness

Hi lovelies! I'm super excited to tell you about a new campaign that fellow Disney Blogger Kimberley launched last week! It's called Ambassadors Of Kindness and it's based the live action Cinderella film, so as you can imagine I was excited for it from the moment I heard about it!

It's running from 13th January 2017 until 13th January 2018 and the goal of the campaign is that everybody who takes part completes one act of kindness everyday. Kim came up with the idea because she wanted to put some kindness back into the world, inspired by Ella's unwavering kindness from the 2015 Cinderella film, and I honestly think it's the loveliest idea.

Although it only takes the smallest act, such as complimenting someone's outfit or buying chocolate for a friend who has had a bad day, it can have the biggest impact on that person. For example a video I saw recently on YouTube by Buzzfeed called "This Group Of Strangers Helped My Mom Become A Doctor" shows how far-reaching one act of kindness can be. Although, like Kimberely, I've been trying to be kinder since I saw the live action Cinderella, it's often something I forget about in my day-to-day life so this is perfect way to keep it in my thoughts.
Although I'm a little late in starting, I will be beginning from today and I'm planning on doing some monthly posts, beginning in February, on some super easy ways that you can spread some kindness everyday!

You can view Kimberely's original post on the campaign here and you can also find the Ambassadors Of Kindness Twitter here. See you next month for my first #AmbassadorsOfKindness post!



  1. This is such a lovely concept! This world is cruel enough, we need to be kinder to eachother and also to ourselves!

  2. I still can't thank you enough for supporting me and wanting to become a part of this campaign it means the world 💖 - 💖


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