Thursday, 5 January 2017

Cute Buy Of The Month | December 2016

Hi lovelies! Instead of doing my usual monthly favourites I thought I'd try a new series which I used to do on one of my old blogs called "cute buy of the month" where I share something I bought in the past month that I am obsessed with! As much as I loved the things I shared in my favourites posts, I felt like I was just writing those posts for the sake of it, so I thought it would be better to concentrate on just one thing every month that I really love. To kick things off I wanted to share this drop-dead-gorgeous notebook that I bought in December.
It comes from a range of journals based on Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, and I don't know about you but the design on this one screams Queenie Goldstein to me! I can just imagine her pulling this out of her handbag to jot down outfit designs or recipe inspirations.

Aside from the beautiful cover, what really drew me to this notebook was it's adorable concept. It's designed for using to write down things you don't want to forget (as the little cardboard slip on the outside of the notebook reads "forgot something? Next time write it down.") and as Harry Potter fans may spot, the spell printed across the front, Obliviate, is used to erase memories. How gosh darn it adorable is that?! (Not the erasing of someone's memories mind, more the concept of the notebook..!)

As one of my goals for this year is to finally start writing the two book ideas that have been in my head for a while, I find that I quite often forget the flashes of inspiration I have for these so I thought this notebook would be perfect for this! It's fairly teeny as well so it'll be perfect for tucking into my bag so I can have it with me all the time, ready for inspiration to strike!
It's available from quite a few different shops/websites including Waterstones and Amazon but I bought my copy from Wordery as it was only around £5 with free delivery! What better excuse to treat yourself?!



  1. I LOVE this book. I am so tempted to buy myself the NS one... it may have to happen! :D
    Great photography x

    1. Thank you Sam!! :D <3 And you totally should haha! xx


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