Sunday, 4 September 2016

Upcoming DisneyBound Plans #1

Now that I'm starting to become a bit more comfortable with taking outfit pictures for my blog I can't stop seeing characters from the Disney universe that I'd like to try DisneyBounding! Today I thought I'd share with you the main four DisneyBounds that I'd like to try over the coming months:

Jim Hawkins from Treasure Planet
When I was watching Treasure Planet for the first time the other day (SUCH a good film!) this outfit of Jim's immediately caught my eye as the colours should be fairly easy to find in shops. I already have a coat that would work for this so I'm hoping to have this one together soon!

Anna from Frozen
I've actually been slowly piecing together a DisneyBound of this outfit of Anna's for a while now. I'd also eventually like to do Anna's coronation outfit but I chose this one to start with as I think (hope!) it will be the easiest to find pieces for. I've already managed to track down a cardigan that is the perfect matching shade of purple and a black top to go with it so I just need the blue skirt and boots now! 

Judy Hopps from Zootropolis
As soon as I saw the film I knew I had to DisneyBound as Judy Hopps. I've been trying to find a dress in the same shade of blue as her shirt which has been oddly difficult so far but I'm sure I'll come across one before long!

Scarlet Witch from Avengers: Age of Ultron
And finally I loved Scarlet Witch's outfit in this film! Luckily this should also be a relatively easy one to do as her costume is more just normal clothing than a proper costume!

Images copyright their respective studios/filmmakers. Screencaps taken myself.

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