Saturday, 10 September 2016

Five Disney Films I've Never Watched!

Hello! Today I'm going to be admitting just what a terrible Disney fan I am by revealing five Disney films I haven't seen yet! There's actually a lot more than five (oops) but I chose these five for this post as they're generally the most popular/well-known of the films I haven't watched. Let's begin!

1. Brother Bear
This film has seemed to completely pass me by! I remember it coming out in cinemas but I never got round to seeing it and I've mostly forgotten about it since. Although now that I recently found out that Phil Collins wrote/recorded some of the songs I'm a lot more eager to see it!

2. Up
Unlike Brother Bear I've actually been actively avoiding Up! I've heard that the start of the film is SUPER sad and from some spoiler-ish things I've seen online I'm not sure if I'll be able to handle the heartbreak! I'm sure I'll get round to watching it someday but until then... *all of the avoidance*

3. The Emporer's New Groove
This is definitely the film that I'm most ashamed with myself for not seeing yet! I'm constantly seeing quotes/gifs etc. online from this film so I need to sort myself out and watch this soon!

4. Wall-E
I think I've seen little snippets of this film in the past but never all the way through... I don't even really know what the story is about but I know a lot of people love this film!

5. Bolt
And finally the film that inspired this post! I posted on Instagram to say that I'd never watched this film before and everyone was singing it's praises! Now that I've got my paws on the DVD I'll have to get to this film soon as it seems like one that I'll really enjoy.

Have you seen any of these films? What Disney films have you not seen yet?

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Just to clarify: I've seen all the DVDs in the header image - I only have one Disney DVD that I haven't seen yet so I had to use ones I have watched before! (Thought I'd better point that out in case I get told off for not watching Aladdin or something haha!)


  1. I didn't watch Wall-E for ages I just wasn't too fussed but then I did and it was amazing!! Honestly, so moving and thought provoking. Up is devastating haha there is no two ways about it, but worth a watch. Emperor's new groove is just funny, pretty good! Xxxx

    1. Oh dear... I really think I'm going to *have* to watch Up at some point aren't I?! xx

  2. I'd not watched Wall-E until recently, I was worried I was going to be left heartbroken...probably an unpopular opinion but I didn't love it! UP, is great but I've not fallen for it the way everyone else has. But I haven't watched the rest, so you're not alone...I don't really have a valid excuse either, I've just never watched them! These are now top of my list to watch!

    Sarah xo //

    1. Ooh that's interesting to hear - they're both films that people seem to rave about! I'll have to see what I think when I finally get round to watching them! Thanks lovely :) xx


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