Friday, 26 August 2016

The Disney Halloween Gift Exchange #DisneyHalloweenGE

Dale is ready for the Halloween season with his Pumpkin Spiced Latte ;)

Hello lovelies! Halloween seems to be a huge thing within the Disney community and as I've got no Disney Halloween plans this year I thought I'd try to organise a gift exchange! I'm hoping it will similar to the Christmas ones that the lovely Lottie and Sam have organised in the past where if you take part, you get to send a gift to someone in the Disney community and receive one yourself off someone else!

So here's everything you need to know:

1. This is a Halloween & Disney-themed gift exchange but if you can't find anything Halloween-y, things that are Halloween colours (black, orange, purple etc.) are great too!

2. This is open to anyone who wants to participate (you don't need to be a Disney blogger etc.) but only addresses in Europe I'm afraid due to postage costs!

3. It's going to be a secret exchange so I will collect everyone's addresses and then randomly allocate everyone a person to send to! Remember to include your twitter handle with your present so the recipient knows who sent it!

4. I'm collecting addresses until the Friday 23rd September so if you'd like to take part please send me a private twitter message of your address (including your country), whether you'd be happy to post outside of your country and the names of three of your favourite Disney films to make it easier for the person who is buying for you!

5. Once I've finished collecting the addresses I'll let everyone know who they're buying for and then you can get shopping!

6. The dates for sending your gift are from Friday 21st October if your recipient is in the same country as you or from Friday 7th October if they're in a different country. I chose these dates so that the gifts will hopefully arrive before Halloween/the dates that most people who are going to Disneyland Paris for Halloween will be away.

7. The budget is £10 per person but handmade items are also more than welcome!

That's it! Feel free to pop me a tweet if there's anything else you're unsure of!



Wednesday, 24 August 2016

My September Hong Kong Disneyland Bucket List

In exactly two weeks from today we will be in Hong Kong and making our way to Hong Kong Disneyland very soon so I thought I'd share the things I want to get up to while I'm there! We're only in the park for one day which means we'll be limited on time unfortunately but there's a few things that I'm determined to do!

1. Eat at a Mickey-shaped food
I'm definitely thinking an ice cream bar or some waffles!

2. Try the mango whip
One of the most talked about experiences from the parks on Disney Twitter seems to be the whip ice cream! Although the usual variation is pineapple, Hong Kong have their own mango version and I'm eager to try it to see what all the fuss is about!

3. Meet at least one character
From looking online at reviews and vlogs, it seems like it's fairly easy to come across characters in HKDL so I want to make sure I get a photo with at least one. I'm hoping most to find Rapunzel though as I'll probably be wearing a Rapunzel DisneyBound on the day!

4. See at least one parade, one show and go on at least one ride
Unfortunately the Paint the Night parade that was top of my list to see is temporarily suspended whilst we're there (*cries forever*) but I've heard lots of good things about their other attractions! I think I'm most excited for Festival of The Lion King and Hyperspace Mountain.

5. Have my photo taken in front of the castle
A must for every Disney trip I should think!

Eeeeek! This will be my first time in a Disney park since I was very little so I'm very excited to start my first Disney adventure as an adult!


Saturday, 20 August 2016

Rapunzel DisneyBound Outfit

Hello lovelies! I've been wanting to do a Rapunzel DisneyBound for many months now but I've suprisingly had trouble tracking down the right pieces for one. I thought it would be super easy to find a purple dress but apparently not! Recently however I came across this pinky-purple dress from Primark on eBay which I thought would be perfect for this as Rapunzel's outfit is pink and purple anyway.

I then represented Punzie's famous floral hair with this floral crown and top. The crown was only £3 from a Bath market stall but even better, the top was only £1 from a car boot sale! I don't usually have much luck with clothes from car boots but I seemed to have hit the jackpot with this one!
I think I may have to take this outfit with me to Hong Kong next month so I can DisneyBound in Hong Kong Disneyland! Fingers crossed I run into Rapunzel!


Thursday, 18 August 2016

Another Disney Store Wishlist!

I usually stalk the Disney Store's website at least once a week in search of new things that have been added and as there is a lot of great things on there at the moment I thought it was about time for another wishlist!

1. Peter Pan Big Ben Christmas Decoration - £11.99 & 2. Alice In Wonderland Christmas Decoration - £11.99
How gorgeous are these deocrations? I've been slowly building up a collection of Disney Christmas decorations over the past couple of years and I'll definitely have to be adding these two to it this year! I especially love the Peter Pan Big Ben one, it's so magical!

3. Minnie Mouse Parisienne Mug - £20 & 4. Minnie Mouse Parisienne Snack Dish - £13
Next on my wishlist is these oh-so-pretty homeware pieces from the Minnie Mouse Parisienne collection. There's lots of different of different bits to choose from in this range including plates and teapots but the mug and snack dish have caught my eye the most! I love both Paris and Minnie Mouse style so I'm just a wee bit obsessed with these!

5. Rapunzel Snow Globe - £19.99
Although I have a collection of Christmas decorations I don't yet have a Disney snowglobe so I think I'll have to correct this travesty soon with this adorable Rapunzel and Pascal snow globe. I like that it isn't obviously Christmasy as well which means I'll be able to keep it out all year round!

6. Mickey Mouse and Friends Tsum Tsum Serving Tray - £8.95
I have the water bottle and bowl from this collection and they're so cute so now I'm after the equally adorable serving tray as well. This'll be perfect for getting my snacks and hot chocolate upstairs in one piece for snuggling up in bed with a Disney film!

7. Star Wars Leia and Han Solo Pin Set - £13
Okay Disney Store, you win ALL of the points for this pin set design. In case you can't see from the picture it's a set of pins, one of Leia and one of Han Solo and their classic lines "I love you" "I know" - how bloody amazing?! I need to get my hands on these!

8. Belle Silhouette T-Shirt - £14.99 & 9. Alice In Wonderland T-Shirt - £14.99
And finally I've also been a tiny bit in love with these Belle and Alice t-shirts. I personally find the clothing designs from the Disney Store to be a bit hit-or-miss usually but these two are absolutely stunning. Plus they're currently on offer at 2 for £20, making them just £10 each if bought together!

So, in conclusion I *definitely* will be placing a HUGE Disney Store order when my student finance comes in again in October... Because that's totally what that money is for, right?!


Thursday, 11 August 2016

Book Talk - July 2016

Hi lovelies! I've been wanting to talk about books more on my blog recently so I thought I'd start doing a 'book talk' post every month where I share my thoughts on the books that I've read in the previous month! These will by no means be review posts (I'm not going to lie, I'm terrible at writing reviews!) but will be more like informal chats about what I've been reading. So let's begin with July's books...
July was BookTube-A-Thon which I took part in again (if you're not familiar with BookTube-A-Thon you can view my post on it here) so I'll start off with the books I read for this. Although I had a very ambitious to be read list of seven books and challenges, I actually only ended up reading four books and completing three challenges, whoops!

BookTube-A-Thon books:
Kindred Spirits by Rainbow Rowell
This was such a cute story! Rainbow's books never disappoint as she always makes the characters so lovable and she manages to do the same with these characters despite it being a very short story! It's about a die-hard Star Wars fan who camps out before the release of the latest film, The Force Awakens, so as a Star Wars fan myself I really enjoyed this!
My rating: 4/5

This Book Is Gay by James Dawson
I have to admit that I wasn't very clued up on LGBT* issues before I read this book and as I'd seen it recommended in the young adult community a lot I made this one of my choices for BookTube-A-Thon to try to rectify this. Although this book has been criticised for not including whole LGBT spectrum, for someone like me who is pretty clueless I thought it was a really good, and actually very funny, introduction! This is definitely a book that I think everyone should read.
My rating: 4/5

Fairest of All by Serena Valentino
Being a Disney blogger I knew I had to include a Disney book in my reading list so I chose this which is a re-telling of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs from the Queen's point of view. Although it wasn't perfect it was interesting to see the classic Snow White story from a different angle and I think the author interwove the two stories so well. It definitely felt like a genuine extension to the original narrative rather than an after-thought which I was worried it might feel like. I'll definitely be reading more books from this series now, starting with the Beast from Beauty and the Beast's backstory next!
My rating: 3.5/5

Vendetta by Catherine Doyle
Oh. My. Gosh. I don't know where to start with this one other to say that I absolutely LOVED it. I could not put this book down from the moment I started it. It's like a modern day Romeo and Juliet set around warring mafia families which I think worked perfectly! There were so many good elements to this book - five brooding, hunky brothers? CHECK. Forbidden love? CHECK. A totally hilarious, sassy best friend? CHECK. A story that actually had a lot of substance to it? CHECK-ITY CHECK CHECK.
My rating: 5/5
Other books:
Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas (re-read)
After having the HUGEST book hangover from reading the latest book in Sarah J. Maas' other series, A Court of Thorns and Roses, I decided to re-read Throne of Glass so I could finally get to the rest of the books after it. I loved it just as much as the first time I read it and I'll definitely be getting to the next book in August!
My rating: 4/5

Inferno by Catherine Doyle
I ordered the sequel to Vendetta before I'd even finished it and although I'd had such high expectations from the first book this certainly did not disappoint! I can't say too much about the story in case I give away any spoilers as A LOT of surprising things went down it this book, but I really cannot wait for the next story to come out in January now! If you're looking for a new romantic young adult series to read you need to get your paws on these books!
My rating: 5/5


Wednesday, 3 August 2016

The 25 Questions Tag - Get To Know Me!

Hello lovelies! Today I'm finally getting round to doing the 25 questions tag that the lovely Kat from Kat Last tagged me to do. You can read her post on the tag here.

1. What is your middle name?

2. What was your favourite subject at school?

3. What is your favourite drink?
Probably Dr Pepper Zero or Pepsi Max

4. What is your favourite song at the moment?
Very Nice by Seventeen. I've been obsessively watching all of the live performances I can find of this song recently!

5. What is your favourite food?
It's got to be chocolate, I eat loads of the stuff haha!
6. What is the last thing you bought?
Apart from food it was probably a paperback of Inferno by Catherine Doyle. It's the second book in the Blood for Blood saga and I'm obsessed! I ordered it before I'd even finished the first book!

7. Favourite book of all time?
Aaaargh don't do this to me! I'd probably have to say the Harry Potter books though. Nothing can beat that HP magic!

8. Favourite colour?

9. Do you have any pets?
Yes - an English Cocker Spaniel called Tess and a Westie called Millie

10. Favourite perfume?
For everyday I love Hollister's Crescent Bay body mist and then for special occasions Miss Dior.
11. Favourite holiday?
Paris! I've been three times now and I still want to go back. It definitely lives up to it's reputation as one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

12. Are you married?
No but I've been in a relationship with my boyfriend, Ollie, for about 4 and a half years now!

13. Have you ever been out of the country?
Yes! Currently I've been to France, Wales, Northern Ireland, Malta and China, with a trip to Hong Kong coming up this September.

14. Do you speak any other languages?
Unfortunately not - I'm currently teaching myself Korean but it's a very slow process!

15. How many siblings do you have?
One sister, Emma, who is younger by two years but if you met us both you'd definitely think Emma was the older sister!
16. What is your favourite shop?
The Disney Store as I buy from there at least once a month...!

17. Favourite restaurant?
I don't think I really have a favourite restaurant but my favourite cafe is definitely Patisserie Valerie. One of my life goals is to try every cake there, haha!

18. When was the last time you cried?
I can't actually remember! I've been known to cry at happy adverts so my last cry probably wasn't that long ago...

19. Favourite blog?
Probably Frassy. I've been following Audrey's blog on-and-off for a few years and her blog/life are absolute goals! Shooting outfits in beautiful Barcelona or in front of the Eiffel Tower? Yes please!
20. Favourite movie?
I don't think I could pick just one favourite but one of the main ones is definitely Disney's live action Cinderella!

21. Favourite TV show?
I think it'd have to be Green Wing, North & South or Gilmore Girls (that Gilmore Girls revival tho, YAAAS!)

22. PC or Mac?
PC. My boyfriend's parents have a Mac and I really struggle using it!

23. What phone do you have?
A Nexus 5X (in a Cinderella-y ice blue!)

24. How tall are you?
5 foot 4

25. Can you cook?
Yes... ish! Although if asked this question in front of my boyfriend he'll always remind me of the time I promised I'd cook him a meal from scratch but I actually ended up ordering us Dominos... DUDE you got free pizza, stop complaining!

Thanks again for tagging me Kat!

I tag:
Hazel from Fleur Charms


Monday, 1 August 2016

Dream Big Princess | July 2016 Favourites

Hi lovelies! I hope you've had a brilliant July - I know I definitely appreciated the heatwave we had in the UK! Sorry I've dropped the ball with blogging recently but I'm back and I've got posts planned for the next two weeks already so hopefully things should be back to normal from now on. Here are the things I've been loving in July:
Academic year planner 2016/17
When I picked this planner up for when I go back to university in October I was initially attracted to the gorgeous gold lettering on the front but when I got home I realised it reminded me of Disney's current 'Dream Big Princess' campaign for young girls. Perfect for adding a subtle bit of Disney to my everyday life! But the best part? It was only £1 from Poundland!

Floral crown
The boyfriend and I visited Bath over the weekend (a.k.a. one of my favourite cities in the whole world) and these floral crowns seemed to be everywhere! As they were only £3 each I couldn't resist picking one up. They came in lots of different colours but I chose this one as the pink/purple flowers reminded me of Rapunzel and the little pearl-esque beads of Elizabeth Bennet's hair in the 2005 Pride & Prejudice film. I will definitely be using this for a Rapunzel inspired outfit soon!
The Blood for Blood Saga by Catherine Doyle
I started this series for BookTube-A-Thon this month and oh my gosh. I am addicted. I won't say too much about it here as I'm doing a post on the books I read in July soon but if you're a fan of young adult books then you need to have this series on your to be read list. Definitely very swoon-worthy!
With the release of Pokémon Go in the UK this month I seem to have been thrust right back into the world of Pokémon! The boyfriend and I spent the past two weekends together stalking the streets for Pokémon on Pokémon Go, we've started watching the original TV series again (so corny but also so cute) and the boyfriend even bought me this adorable Eevee hat! I also had a dig around the attic and found what I had left over of my Pokémon card collection from my childhood. So much nostalgia this month!
The Happiest Fitness Co's Frying Pan 5k
The oh-so-lovely Lottie from Lottie Does recently started a Disney-inspired fitness company, The Happiest Fitness Co, and they held a Tangled themed virtual run in July which I signed up to. The timing of this run was so perfect for me as I needed some motivation to get back into running after my exams. And can we appreciate the downright adorable design of the medal?! I'm hoping there will be more of these runs in the future as I'd love to build up a collection of Disney medals!

Monsters Inc Tsum Tsums
And finally my last favourites from July are the Monsters Inc tsum tsums that were released at the start of the month. Some of the recent tsum tsum collections have not been the best quality but this was definitely rectified with these tsums! They are SO soft and well made. Fingers crossed that the Beauty and the Beast collection that is being released tomorrow will be like these!

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