Wednesday, 8 June 2016

My 2016 Summer Bucket List

Hello lovelies! I've seen a few bloggers recently posting their bucket lists for the summer and as this is the last proper summer break I'll be getting with my degree finishing next year, I've set myself a lot of goals! Here are the things I'm hoping to achieve on my break:

Start meditating
I cannot get through a 20 minute TV episode now without losing my attention... After about 5 minutes I'll already be wanting to check my phone or log onto Facebook! One of my essays for university this year was actually weirdly on meditating and it was through this that I discovered that as well as stress, meditation is apparently also really great for improving your attention span. So I'm hoping to give this a go this summer!

Begin a bullet journal
I'm not the most naturally organised person which is strange because I get incredibly stressed out when I let myself get disorganised! I bought a planner in January to help with this and although I initially loved it (I even included it in my February favourites), I soon found that it wasn't really flexible enough for what I wanted it for. Since then I've been seeing a lot of talk in the blogosphere about bullet journaling and from a wee bit of research (basically watching the "how to" video on their website...) it looks a lot more suited to my needs. I'm hoping to get this set up over the summer ready for when I go back to university in the autumn so I can kick the crap out of the final year of my degree with my new organisational skills. BAM! ORGANISATION.

Read 30 books
My Goodreads reading challenge for 2016 is to read 45 books but up until now I've only managed 6 - can you tell my reading goes completely out the window in term time...? As I've got about 4 months off for the summer I'd like to read at least 30 books to get me in a good position for when I'm back at university at the end of September. Here's hoping for lots of long evenings reading in the sunshine!

Start & upkeep my new exercise routine
I am probably one of the laziest people you will ever meet so if I can get out of exercising, I will, and as a result I've been using university as an excuse to let my running slip a lot over the past few months. Now that I've finally come to the realisation that long distance running isn't for me (it only took me months and months of training for two bloody half-marathons...) I want to focus on improving my 5k time. I've found a new exercise routine which will help me do this and also work on areas of my body that I've previously been neglecting so my goal for the summer with exercise is to get into my new routine and stick to it. No excuses now!

Have a clear out
This is something I end up doing every summer as I let my room become a bomb site of clothes, dust and junk throughout term time! I'm going to be rooting through my wardrobe and bookshelves and listing a tonne of things on my Depop over the next couple of weeks so keep an eye on there for some bargains!

Apart from these main things I'm also hoping to spend as much time outside as I can (vitamin D COME AT ME), pick up some extra shifts at work to save for our holiday to Hong Kong in September, work on my blog and go on lots of adventures with my family and boyfriend. What do you guys have planned for the summer? Let me know if you've tried meditation or bullet journaling - I'd love to know what you think or any tips and tricks!


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