Thursday, 23 June 2016

How I Edit My Blog and Instagram Photos

Hello lovelies! Today I thought I'd share how I edit my Instagram and blog photos! Whether it's for a blog photo or for Instagram I do the majority of editing on my phone and I know from when I changed from an iPhone to Android recently and had to find a whole new editing process that it can be a bit of a nightmare. Therefore I'm hoping by sharing my process this might save someone else the hassle of downloading and trying out zillions of apps! Luckily both of the apps I'm going to be talking about in this post are available on both iOS and Android.

Before I begin I just want to thank the ever-so-lovely Kat from Kat Last as the idea from this post came entirely from her! Thank you so much Kat!
1. Take the photo!
If I'm taking a photo of an object then I take the majority of photos on my bed as the background is fairly neutral and as my bed is in front of my bedroom window, I can take advantage of the natural light.
2. Colour & make the photo lighter
To change up the colouring and the brightness of the image I then use an app called VSCO. I import the photo into the app then I use the filter 'F2' to add blue-ish tones to the image. I usually turn the intensity of this filter down to a 6 or a 7 so it's not too strong. Unfortunately I think this filter is one of the ones you have to pay for but it's definitely worth it!

The other thing I do in VSCO is changing the exposure which makes the photo lighter and brighter. It varies a lot on what level I use but for this image above I turned it up to 2.
3. Remove any imperfections
And lastly I use Touch Retouch to erase any imperfections, which is usually the creases on my bed cover! In the app you can use the brush tool to highlight any areas of the photo you want to remove. Make sure you don't highlight more of the area than you need to else the app can end up doing some pretty strange things to your photo! For example with the creases in this image I highlighted to just before the crease meets the DVD.

Once you've finished your highlight if you press the start/go button then this should remove the area you've drawn on. If you don't like how this looks you can always press the undo button at the top and give it another go. This is definitely one of my favourite apps - although it doesn't always work how you want it to, most of the time it's a really quick and easy way to give your photos a cleaner look. And I'm not going to pretend I haven't used this to remove the odd spot from a selfie before!
So there you go! As you can see there isn't actually that much difference between the before and after images but even though they're only small changes I definitely think it helps to make the images look a lot nicer!

I hope this helps!

P.S. I should actually just point out that I didn't use this editing process on the title image in this post as there was a lot of lovely, natural golden light from the evening sunshine when I took this! But for 99% of my other photos on my blog are edited using the process in this post.

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