Friday, 20 May 2016

Alice Wishlist

With the upcoming release of Disney's new Alice Through the Looking Glass film there's lots of lovely Alice-related merchandise about at the moment! Although I wasn't a fan of the first live action film I'm a huge Alice In Wonderland fan in general, so as it's a week today until the release of the new film I thought I'd share the Alice things I've been coveting recently to celebrate!

1. Alice In Wonderland Flower Dress, EMP (£32.99)
EMP actually have a really great range of Disney and Star Wars merchandise on their website and this Alice dress is top of my wishlist from their things!

2. Grey Alice "Lost In Wonderland" T-Shirt, Primark (£6.00)
How downright adorable is this shirt? Primark always seem to have some lovely Disney designs but this one is especially cute! I have a feeling this might 'accidentally' slip into my basket when I go shopping this weekend...

3. Alice in Wonderland Rose Gold-Plated Key Bracelet, Disney Couture (£29.00)
The picture above from the Disney Couture website doesn't really do this bracelet justice (you can see a better picture on their Instagram here) but Disney + rose gold will always be a winner for me! The little tag on it says "made with care in Wonderland" as well which is such a cute touch!

4. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Penguin Clothbound Classic, Waterstones (£14.99)
I've been slowly collection Penguin's gorgeous Clothbound Classics collection (if you've not seen them before you can see some pictures here) and I think the Alice book needs to be my next one!

5. Mad Hatter Necklace, The Disney Store (£34.95)
This is from the Disney Store's new range of merchandise for Alice Through the Looking Glass and it's definitely my favourite piece from the collection. I'm hoping this sticks around long enough to go into the sale... If I don't cave and buy it before then that is!

6. What's The Hatter With You?, A Mirror Escape & What Time Isn't It? Nail Lacquers, OPI (from £12.50)
I don't think I've mentioned it on here before but I'm a HUGE nail polish fan - I have over 100 bottles of the stuff - so I was really excited to see OPI had released a collection for the new film! As I have so many nail polishes already it's quite hard to find colours that I don't already have but these three seem quite unique and from looking at swatches online they look stunning!

All images used in this post were found on the seller's respective websites linked above apart from the image of OPI's What Time Isn't It? which was found here


  1. I love Alice in wonderland and I am so excited for the new film! I went in primark the other day looking for that too but they didn't have it in stock :( Great post xx

    Thrifty vintage fashion

    1. Ahhh no, that's a shame! Hopefully they might have it in stock soon - my local one only got their's in recently. And yes me too! I didn't like the last film unfortunately but the trailer for the new one looks really good. Thank you lovely :) xx


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