Saturday, 30 April 2016

Disney-Inspired Gifts For Under £15

Hello! Sorry I've not posted in a little while, unfortunately my dissertation got the best of me for the past couple of weeks! But I'm back and today I thought I'd share a little gift guide for Disney-Inspired presents under £15. If I don't already own any of these they're all on my personal wishlist so hopefully you'll find something here that you'll like too.

1. The Beast Within: A Tale of Beauty's Prince, Amazon (£11.04) - a perfect gift for someone who's a fan of both Disney and books. This book is a story about the Beast before the events in Beauty and the Beast from his perspective... Apparently he even used to be friends with Gaston! This would make a lovely gift as the art on the dustjacket/book is gorgeous.

2. Alice In Wonderland Mug, The Disney Store (£8.95) - Just when you think you can't buy any more Disney mugs, *BAM* the Disney Store hits you with another beauty like this. I love the illustrations they've chosen for it - it's such a pretty mug for spring. Plus it even says 'drink me' on the inside which is a super cute touch. I'm sure this would please any Alice In Wonderland fan!

3. I Choose Him Brass Necklace, Alice Vitrum (£4.50) - Alice Vitrum is full of lots of lovely Disney and other pop culture necklaces so if you're buying for a Disney fan who likes jewellery, you're sure to find something to suit them here.

4. Rapunzel's Tower Retro Travel Poster A5, Teacup Piranha Prints (£7.00) - I am so in love with the prints from this shop. They do a variety of Disney films in the style of retro travel posters and they're all absolutely stunning. I think this Rapunzel one would look lovely in a frame on a dressing table... I'm very tempted to get it for myself!

5. Mrs. Potts and Chip Funko Pop! Figures, Zavvi (£10.99) - Even if the person you're buying for doesn't collect Funko Pops! one of these would make a cute addition to anyone's desk and these Mrs. Potts and Chip figures are especially adorable!

6.  Rapunzel Memoir Pouch, nyxsullivan @ Red Bubble (£14) - another great gift for Disney/book fans. They also do a Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty version too and I want them all! *grabby hands*

7. It's My Birthday Tangled Button, Parkbound Buttons ($4) - although these come from the US, the shipping is only $5.50 so if you bought one badge at $4.00 it would work out at less than £7 shipped! And trust me, these badges are GORGEOUS and so worth it. I'm planning on collecting a few more of these before I go to Hong Kong Disneyland in September to wear on my Minnie Mouse backpack! How I will embarass the boyfriend... ;)



  1. OMG that Punz bag is sooooo cute! I might need it in my life.

    1. I may have already ordered it, oops! Haha xx


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