Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Tattoos, Harry Potter & K-Pop | The Liebster Award

The oh-so-lovely Jade from Outside The Tower (check out her new blog header, it's adorable!) nominated me for The Liebster Award so today I'm going to be answering the questions she set her nominees! The Liebster Award I believe is given out to blogs with less than 200 followers as a way of promoting lesser-known bloggers and the rules are to: 1) mention the blogger who tagged you and thank them, 2) answer the 11 questions you've been asked, 3) nominate 11 bloggers and tag them, 4) set 11 questions for them to answer, and 5) notify your nominees.

You can read Jade's post on the award here. Let's begin!

My answers to Jade's questions:
1. Do you have any tattoos, or are there any you want?
Yes and yes! I only have one tattoo at the moment - it's a small heart on my wrist that I got over a year ago now but I want my next one to be the quote 'have courage and be kind' over my ribs (what a surprise!)

2. Do you have any pets?
I have two puppies - an English Cocker Spaniel named Tess and a very naughty Westie called Millie

3. Tea or coffee?
I like both but I'd probably have to say tea - I have over 30 different flavours/types!

4. What's your favourite TV show?
Aaah, I'm really bad at picking favourites for things like this but it'd probably be Gilmore Girls or Green Wing (YAAAASS to the Gilmore Girls revival!).
5. Are you a Harry Potter fan? If yes which is your favourite book/film?
YES. So much! I started re-reading the books again when I was feeling under the weather recently but when I was little I used to read them over, and over again. My sister bought us tickets to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child for Christmas and I am SO EXCITED!

6. Do you like musicals? If yes which is your favourite?
Definitely! I've not seen that many but of the ones I have seen The Book of Mormon is definitely a favourite!

7. Who's your favourite Disney Princess?
If I could choose the live action version of Cinderella then it would be her, if not then it would have to be Rapunzel!
8. Is there a place you really want to travel to?
South Korea is top of my list at the moment, mainly because of K-Pop (Korean Pop). I don't really talk about it much on my Twitter/blog but I'm OBSESSED with K-Pop - it's the only thing I have on my iPod! I've heard South Korea is not the most tourist-friendly place in the world but if I could see just one of my favourite bands live, I'd be a very happy girl. Plus I would buy so much merchandise!

9. Have you ever met a 'celebrity'?
I met Jamie Campbell Bower at a book signing a few years ago (he was in The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, Sweeny Todd etc.) and I was so shy - I completely froze up! He's even more beautiful in real life!

10. What's your favourite book?
This is SO HARD! I'd probably have to choose the Harry Potter books though. Reading them feels like coming home.

11. What's your favourite time of the year?
It's got to be Christmas!

My questions:
1. Which Disney character would you most like to meet? | 2. What was the last film you saw? | 3. Do you have any Disney trips planned currently? | 4. What song can you not stop replaying at the moment? | 5. Dogs or cats? | 6. If you could be any Disney character for a day, who would you choose? | 7. What book is at the top of your to-be-read list? | 8. Favourite YouTube channel? | 9. Where did you last go on holiday? | 10. Do you collect anything? | 11. Which upcoming Disney films are you most excited for?

The bloggers I nominate:
(sorry I couldn't find 11 - a lot of the bloggers I would have also chosen Jade has already nominated!)
Alice Vitrum | A Spoonful of Sugar | Its Lizi
hotchocolateandcream | Little Ellie Mae | Belle's MomentsThe Belle Jar

Thank you so much to Jade for nominating me, I had so much fun doing this!


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