Saturday, 20 February 2016

Review: Lush Prince Charming Shower Cream

Hello! Today's post is a little review (or a collection of my ramble-y thoughts) on Lush's Prince Charming shower creme from their 2016 Valentine's Day collection. Although I'm a little late in posting this as Valentine's Day was almost a week ago now, this product was still available on Lush's website when I checked earlier today so you should still be snap one up one of these for yourself!

Firstly, this smells AMAZING. I'm terrible at describing scents but the ingredients include marshmallow root, vanilla and pomegranate juice which explains it's gorgeous, sweet scent. Additionally although it's sweet it's not sickly at all, so if you're not a fan of Lush's Christmas collection shower gel, Snow Fairy, you might have better luck with this one!

The consistency of Prince Charming is also so lovely and thick. It lathers up really well so I find you only need to use a tiny bit each time so although I only managed to get my mitts on a small 100g bottle, I have a feeling it will be last me a long time! However as it's called a shower 'creme' I was hoping this would feel a bit more soft and luxurious on my skin but to me it feels just the same as a shower gel which was a bit disappointing.

Another bonus however is the gorgeous colour. As you can see from the pictures above it's a beautiful bright pink which keeps its colour even when on your skin, unlike other shower gels, which gives it an extra magical quality. A bit of a warning to people with shower curtains though - I've found that it tends to leave the floor of our shower cubicle a bit pink after I've had a wash so if you have a shower curtain proceed with caution as I feel this might try to give your curtain a bit of a pink-hue!

Overall although I found the 'cream' name to be a little misleading, this is such a gorgeous-smelling and long-lasting product which are two of the main things I look for in a shower gel so I will definitely be re-purchasing Prince Charming next year. Plus being a Disney blogger I've obviously got to give this at least 10 bonus points for it's amazing Disney name!

Hope you're having a laaavely Saturday!



  1. I've been looking for a new shower gel to try out as I've been stocking up on Snow Fairy every winter and have been using it for about 3 years now and desperately want to get something else as I'm pretty bored of it now after using it constantly! Think I'll give this a go, love the name of it!

    1. Aaah, glad to be of help! I've also recently tried out their Mother's Day shower cream, Yummy Mummy, and it's delicious! I think it's something people who love Snow Fairy would like too so hopefully that's another one you'd like! ♥


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