Friday, 15 January 2016

The Disney Personality Tag

Another tag, this time the Disney Personality tag! Thanks to Jade from DisneyJade for tagging me in this, I love doing these. You can see Jade's answers to this tag here. Let's begin!

Cinderella - Do you have a curfew?
No! Although the buses where I live only run to 11pm so if I'm in the city seeing friends or doing some work at university, I need to make sure I leave by then or else I have to fork out over a tenner for a taxi home!

Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) - How many hours do you sleep at night?
Definitely not enough! I'm very guilty of 'going to bed' and spending a good couple of hours watching videos on YouTube or scrolling through Instagram before I actually sleep...

Belle (Beauty and the Beast) - What makes someone beautiful in your eyes?
Kindness in anyone makes me instantly warm to them, especially when it's unexpected kindness, like when a shop worker is overly lovely. But in terms of being attracted to someone, it's definitely equal parts personality and looks, if not more biased towards personality. 

Snow White - Do you consider yourself beautiful?
Like most teenage girls I really struggled with my appearance when I was a teenager but I'm a lot better now. Plus after every time I see my boyfriend (we're currently long distance) my self-esteem is always boosted as he tells me I'm beautiful a lot, even if I don't always believe it!

Rapunzel - Do you love being outside?
Yes! But I also love being inside and snuggled up in my bed in equal measure, haha! When I'm really stressed out though one of my favourite things is to take a good, long walk. I also love being by the sea - there's no feeling quite like it!

Peter Pan - What is your mental age?
Considering I'm 24 and I have almost 100 Disney soft toys (Tsum Tsums) I'd say probably a lot younger than my actual age!

Pinocchio - What is your biggest wish?
Like most people I've got lots of wishes for the future ("like everybody else, I've got a dream" - sorry, couldn't resist!) but the biggest ones for this year are probably keeping my grades up at university and for our trip to Hong Kong to materialise! We haven't booked the tickets for it yet so I really hope it happens - while I'd really like to visit the city I'm also super excited about the prospect of visiting the Disneyland there too!

If you fancy taking part in this tag too please feel free to use me as your tagger!



  1. Ahhh, this is such a fun tag! I agree that kindness makes someone instantly much more attractive - in the same way that cruelty and meanness makes someone suddenly so ugly. And don't worry about your cuddly toys - I'm 26 and my tsum tsum (and other Disney merchandise, to be honest) collection is taking over my flat!


    1. Definitely. Always #ChooseKindness! And aaaah, glad to hear I'm not the only one, haha! xx

  2. p.s. I love your Disney DVDs - I almost wish I didn't already own all of the Disney classics so I could buy them again in these special editions!

    1. Haha thanks lovely - they are gorgeous editions but it's not something my bank account particularly likes!! And I've probably only got half of them at the moment! xx

  3. I'm in LOVE with that DVD collection!!! How do I get my hands on it?!


    1. Hello! I think you're the same person I tweeted about this? :) If not, these are called the 'Disney Classics Collection' and the shiny covers are called 'O-Rings' but I think they're only available in the UK and maybe Europe at the moment sorry! xx


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