Saturday, 2 January 2016

15 Of My Favourite Moments From 2015

I was browsing through the photos I took in 2015 and I realised I had forgotten a lot of things I'd gotten up to! Looking back, I've got lots of happy memories from last year so I thought I'd share 15 of my favourites, including the odd bit of Disney here and there!

1. Shopping, eating and a rooftop bar in one of my favourite cities in the world - Bath
2. Spending Easter in the countryside with the family. We have a little hut in the middle of the countryside where we usually camp out in once or twice a year as a family and it's so nice to disconnect from the city for a while!
3. Running my first ever half marathon and completing it in 2 hours and 4 minutes, which I was very pleased with!
4. Visiting the gorgeous Blenheim Palace for the first time for the boyfriend's birthday to see a Ludovico Einaudi concert. I have to admit, I hadn't heard of Ludovico Einaudi before we went but it was honestly one of the most amazing concerts I've ever been to! We were sat outside the palace with the sun setting on one side and the audience were so quiet you could hear birds sing as they passed overhead!
5. The month my boyfriend bought me my first Tsum Tsum, Thumper from Bambi, and the crazy collecting commenced! In the five months of 2015 that I was collecting Tsum Tsums I managed to amass 90 minis and 3 mediums... Ooops!
6. Re-visiting Blenheim palace for the second time once I realised it was one of the filming locations for Disney's live action Cinderella... Can you tell I'm a tad obsessed with that film?!
7. Visiting Charlestown in Cornwall with the family - one of the locations used in Poldark!
8. Spending the day in London with the boyfriend the weekend before my birthday and doing lots of Disney things - including getting my picture taken in the Oxford Street Disney Store's Cinderella Carriage!
9. Meeting the lovely Heidi from Frozen Tsum through our love of Tsum Tsums online and starting our exchange of Disney gift boxes with each other! She is such a sweet, kind girl and I can't wait to hopefully meet her in 2016!
10. Carving Halloween pumpkins with the boyfriend. Neither of us had carved pumpkins since we were little and although I had a few teething problems (well, a lot actually!) the boyfriend turned out to be a bit of a pro! Despite my clumsiness this was actually a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to trying this again next year.
11. Dressing up as a sort-of Rapunzel Disneybound for Halloween. A lot of people at the party kept giving poor Pascal a squeeze, haha!
12. Visiting my Aunt's who I hadn't seen in months and going on lots of long, Autumn-y walks with the dogs
13. Visiting the Bath Christmas Markets and having breakfast in the Pump Rooms with the family. Although the Christmas Markets were a little too crowded for me (there were points where the crowds were so large we came to a stand-still!), it was lovely to see Bath all decorated for Christmas. And visiting the Pump Rooms made me so happy - I felt like I'd stepped into a Jane Austen novel!
14. Going to Paris for a few days with the boyfriend. I'm pretty much obsessed with Paris so I was always going to enjoy this trip! I think out of everything though, going up the Arc de Triomphe was a definite highlight for me - the views were incredible!
15. Our traditional Christmas Day family walk on the beach with the dogs. We spend the rest of Christmas Day stuffing our faces and watching TV so it's nice to get a bit of fresh air in between!

I hope you all had a lovely 2015!



  1. Yay! Another Disney Blogger. :)
    This is such a lovely post. My boyfriend bought me my first tsums too, and I can't wait to start collecting them!

    Happy New Year!

    The Mouse Chick Blog ♡

    1. Yay! Thank you for commenting - I love discovering more Disney Bloggers! Haha, yes I blame my boyfriend for my crazy Tsum Tsum collecting so if yours gets out of hand you can always blame yours ;). Hope you have a lovely new year too! xx


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