Sunday, 29 November 2015

My Disney Confessions

Hello! Today I'm going to be admitting five Disney-related confessions that make me question my status as a true Disney fan! I got the inspiration for this post from the lovely Sarah at Belle's Moments who first came up with this idea. You can see Sarah's original post: here.

1. I've only been to a Disney park once (it was Disneyland Paris) and I can barely remember anything from it as I was so young! I shall however be rectifying this next year with at least a visit to the Hong Kong Disneyland but I'd also love to go back to Disneyland Paris in 2016 as well!
2. I know a lot of people will hate me for this but although I really do like The Little Mermaid & Beauty and the Beast, I don't love them  (*cowers in the corner*). There's just so many other Disney films I like in preference, sorry!
3. Similar to one of Sarah's confessions on her post - although I'm collecting the Disney Classics DVD collection, I don't intend to collect every film. There's a good number of them that I haven't seen and aren't really in any rush to see so I'm only buying the ones I know and love!
4. I still haven't seen Up because I'm scared of how sad it will be!
5. I like to pretend that Pocahontas 2 never happened. Pocahontas + John Smith forever. NO OTHER JOHNS ALLOWED. NOPE. NO. NEVER HAPPENED.

Does anyone share any of my confessions? What would your confessions be?



  1. I'm so glad you did this, its fun to read other peoples. I'm jealous of you going to Hong Kong Disney, I really want to go there and Tokyo and then of course Shanghai when it opens.
    I'm disgusted in no. 3, they're two of my absolute favourites ;) and I recommend keeping no. 4, Up is just too sad, such a good film but will cause many tears

    1. Haha, yes I can't see many people agreeing with me for #3! Thanks for coming up with this idea lovely, this was so much fun to do! xx


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