Thursday, 1 October 2015

Primark Disney Pajamas Haul

(Also featuring the White Rabbit Tsum Tsum I bought from Clintons that day!)

So, I popped into Primark for a quick look around their pajama section a little while ago and somehow managed to leave with four new sets of pajamas and a pair of leggings... Ooops. Primark are really on the ball at the moment with their Disney merchandise - there was so many more sets that I could have bought! I also love how they've been packaging their Disney pajamas with this cute Disney ribbon. These sets would make such lovely Christmas presents!
Bambi pajama set - £10
Princess leggings - £8
Frozen pajama set - £5 (in the sale)
Bambi and Thumper fleece pajama set - £11
Alice In Wonderland pajama set - £11

Just how cute? I especially love the Princess leggings with the lace at the bottom. There's a nightshirt to match it which wasn't there that day although I determined to track it down! The Bambi and Thumper fleece pajamas are *so* warm and snuggly as well. They have these sets with a range of Disney characters on so I'd definitely recommend picking up a set to get you through the Winter. Although I'm loving this late summer weather we've having I'm almost looking forward to cold weather so I can curl up in these!

Have you been buying any Disney bits from Primark recently? Let me know in the comments below!


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