Friday, 2 October 2015

Five Books To Help You Through University/School

I don't know about you but I'm definitely one of those people that gets stressed easily so university can be very challenging for me, especially when all the deadlines seem to be piling up! However over my past two years at uni I've picked up some things which have helped me become more organised and de-stressed so I thought I'd share them on here in the hope of helping someone else like me!
1. A book to de-stress
Nature Colouring Book by Hamlyn Publishers

These adult colouring books are everywhere at the moment! One of my friends said these actually really worked for her as a de-stress method so I've bought one in preparation for moments of high stress at uni this year. I plan to keep it nearby me when writing essays and revising!
2. A book to keep you up to date
Laulima 18-Month Diary by Paperblanks

Having a planner last year was a life saver for me. I used my planner to keep track of assignment hand-in dates, lectures and workshop times, exam dates and student finance payments. This was so incredibly useful as it helped me keep on top of everything and I never fell into that nasty situation where an assignment or exam cropped up out of the blue!
3. A book to help you keep calm
Calm by Michael Acton Smith

I saw someone on Instagram recommend this book as a tool for achieving calmness and I can't wait to get stuck into it. It's filled with activities and ideas which you can pick and choose as you please, designed to help you create a bit of peace and space in your life. As someone who had about five breakdowns from uni stress last year (the second year is apparently the toughest year on our course, okay?! Haha), this is definitely something I'm going to be trying out!
4. A book to keep you organised
Bird notepad by Paperchase

I'm a huge list-writer but for some reason I haven't really utilised them for uni before so my plan for this year is to keep a notepad by me whilst at uni. That way, I can write a list of the things I need to do throughout the day so I hopefully don't end up forgetting anything important. This will also be really useful for writing essays as well because I'm very guilty of getting up in the middle of an essay and going for a break without writing down what I needed to do next and losing my train of thought!
5. A book for pleasure
Have Courage, Be Kind: The Tale of Cinderella by Brittany Candau

And lastly, another great way to de-stress comes from reading any book you like! I saw a fact sheet online last year about all the benefits reading brings you, which I can't seem to find again now, but the gist of it was that reading a book for pleasure even for a short period of time can really help your stress levels. So this year I'm going to make sure I always have a good fiction book on me, that way I can read it on the bus home from uni and hopefully shake off all the stress from the day!

How do you keep organised and stress-free? Let me know if you have any tips because I could always use some more, haha!


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