Sunday, 26 March 2017

7 Thoughts On the Live Action Beauty and the Beast (2017)

Hi lovelies! I saw the live action Beauty and the Beast last week and while I've got a lot of thoughts on it, I still feel like I can't write reviews yet haha, so I decided I'd do a post sharing a few thoughts I had on the film instead! Just a warning before we begin, this post does contain spoilers for this film so if you haven't seen it yet you might want to read this post later!

1. First and foremost, I loved it! I actually saw it the day after it came out and I was a bit worried that from all the positive feedback from the Disney community and my own expectations that I would be disappointed but I really did love it!

2. I love the extra details they added in. The thing that excites me the most about Disney's live action re-tellings of their classic animated films is that they're able to update and re-imagine their classic stories so I was glad to see while although they did remain largely faithful to the story from the animated film, they did add in some extra details. My favourites had to be the opening scene as we got to see a little more of the Beast's self-absorption before he was cursed, and the Paris scene! I loved the idea of the Enchantress's book, I think it worked so well and it was so lovely to see Belle have more of a backstory.

3. Days In The Sun is easily one of my favourite Disney songs ever now. I'm so glad I didn't listen to the soundtrack before I saw the film because this song completely took me by surprise! I've been listening to it over and over ever since I left the cinema!

4. The costumes certainly did not disappoint. Back last year I did a post on the 5 things I was most excited about with this film and one of them was the costumes and I was honestly so impressed with them! All of Belle's outfits were so gorgeous and I especially loved her provincial dress... So much so that I've already done a DisneyBound of it!

5. Emma Watson played Belle perfectly. If I could have done my own fan casting of who I would have to play Belle in a live action Beauty and the Beast it would always have been Emma Watson for me and I think she fit the role so well. I know a lot of people were worried about her being cast as Belle but I'm glad to see that most have changed their minds now they've seen the film.

6. The development of Belle and the Beast's relationship was a lot better. One of the problems I've always had with the animated film is that I thought the romance between Belle and the Beast was a bit rushed. However the live action film fixed this perfectly. Although it was only a few extra details, they provided more insight into how Belle and the Beast changed their feelings towards each other which made it a lot more believable for me. When the Beast sees that Belle has come back from him in the penultimate scene in the film, oh my gosh... My heart just broke with happiness for him! I was definitely more emotionally invested than their relationship in the animated film.

7. And finally, I preferred it to the animated Beauty and the Beast. I know, I'm sure I'm committing the ultimate Disney sin here haha, but as I've said all along, I've never been the biggest fan of the animated Beauty and the Beast. I've always liked it but I wasn't really overly-keen on Belle or her relationship development with the Beast. However as the live action film fixed these issues for me and added in so many great new features, I'll definitely be reaching for the DVD of this film in future over the animated one!

What do you guys think? Do you agree with me or did you feel differently? Let me know what you thought of the film!

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Saturday, 18 March 2017

Belle Live Action Beauty and the Beast 2017 Disneybound

Hello lovelies! As soon as I saw Belle's gorgeous outfits in promo images for the newly-released live action Beauty and the Beast, I knew I had to DisneyBound one of them! I particularly fell in love with her updated denim and patchwork Provincial dress - it's so simple but beautiful and very wearable, so I decided to attempt a look based on this outfit!

Luckily this actually ended up being one of the easiest DisneyBounds I've ever had to do! Although it surprisingly took a quite while to find the right denim dress for this outfit (I always find the DisneyBound items that I think will be the easiest to find usually end up being the hardest!) I eventually came across this New Look one on eBay which is where I also found this white lace shirt. I'm not really sure why I wanted the shirt to be lace but I think it actually works really well with the dress, plus it's something I'll get lots of use of outside of DisneyBounding too!

I then paired these with a patchwork scarf which I used as a belt from Depop, and as this is a Belle DisneyBound I thought this book-shaped bag that my Mum bought me a few years ago would be the perfect match! It even has yellow flowers on it which very much remind me of Belle!


I'm off to see the new Beauty and the Beast later today and I can't wait to see the rest of the outfits in more detail! If it's anything like the live action Cinderella then I have a feeling I will be falling in love with all of the costumes!


Monday, 13 March 2017

Disney Nail Art Collab - Eeyore From Winnie The Pooh

Hi lovelies! It's time for the next installment of Sam from The Belle Jar and I's monthly Disney nail art collaboration! This month's theme is Winnie The Pooh so as we usually do Disney couples for these posts, we decided to have free reign to choose our own characters this month. Whilst Sam decided to do a group of Winnie The Pooh characters for her cute-as-hell design, I went for the gloomy but totally lovable Eeyore!

For this look I decided to base the design around Eeyore's stitching and tail and although it was a fairly simple to do, I'm actually really pleased with how this turned out! To achieve this look I used a dark and a light grey polish (Barry M Nail Paint in Grey & Ciaté Nail Polish in Chinchilla) to represent the two shades on Eeyore's body and then black and pink nail art pens (Barry M Nail Art Pens in Black & Pink) for his stitching and tail. I think I definitely need to DisneyBound Eeyore now in the parks one time so I can re-create this look!

What do you think Eeyore fans? Remember to check out Sam's adorable take on the Winnie The Pooh characters, I think it's my favourite nail art design of hers so far!


Monday, 6 March 2017

My Updated Disney Confessions

Hi lovelies! A few months ago when I was hosting the #disneybloggerschat on Twitter the topic of "Disney Confessions" posts came up. If you've been following any Disney bloggers for a while now you may have seen some of these posts last year after Sarah from Belle's Moments first came up with the idea. I did my own post a while ago but as we were saying in the chat, we still have so much more to confess so today I'll be admitting even more of my Disney sins!

1. I still haven't been to Disneyland Paris! I went once when I was a kid but I honestly can't remember it so I need to go back! I'm hoping for a trip in November this year so fingers crossed.

2. I feel like I'm very much in the minority with this, but I actually love this phase of adapting their classics into live action films that Disney seems to be going through! It's no secret that I loved the live action Cinderella film and I think it's a great way to breath new life into some of the older films. I really can't wait to see the new Beauty and the Beast one soon!

3. I don't really like Elsa... I'm so sorry! I just find her a bit annoying in the film, like dang girl STOP PUSHING YO SISTER AWAY. I'm definitely more of an Anna girl!

4. I've googled this at least 50 times over but I still don't know how to tell Chip and Dale apart! I know one of them has a red nose and the other black but I can't remember which is which! Back to google I go...

5. I admitted in my last Disney confessions post that I'd never seen Up because I was scared of how sad it would be and surprise, surprise - I've still not seen it! To be honest I don't know if I'll ever be brave enough to watch it haha!

What do you think - am I going to be struck off the Disney fan list haha? Let me know if you share any of my confessions!


Thursday, 2 March 2017

Disney Classics Challenge - February 2017

Hi lovelies! In January's update of my #55DisneyClassics2017 challenge I said that I wanted to watch more than 5 films in February so that I could get ahead of this challenge. I also decided at the beginning of the month that I wanted to make it a Princess-themed month by watching all the Classic Princess films that I'd not watched so far this year... In the end, I only managed 3 but at least they were all Princess films I suppose haha! Here are my thoughts on the Classics I watched in February:

1. Sleeping Beauty - It had been a little while since I'd last seen this film and oh my gosh. I forgot just how much I love it! The art in particular is so stunning. I think it's probably my favourite Disney film in terms of animation! One thing that completely took me back with this re-watch however was that I've somehow never noticed before that Prince Phillip has literally zero dialogue in the second half of the film... He doesn't even grunt whilst fighting Maleificent?! I know most people are sick of Disney's current stream of live action films but I'd love to see a live action version of Sleeping Beauty so they could embellish Phillip's character a little more like they did with Kit in the 2015 Cinderella! He's such a babe, he totally deserves more!

2. Cinderella - Another film that I'd not seen in a while! Everyone is going to hate me for saying this but with my blog name, it's probably not surprising! I have to admit that while I still love the animated film, the 2015 live action film is my favourite of the two. The costumes, the message of the film... The characters and story are just so much more fleshed out as well. I swear I really am the worst Disney fan haha!

3. Aladdin - I don't think I could ever get sick of Aladdin! Watching these Princess films however has given me major hair jealousy. I probably spent more time than I'd like to admit just watching Jasmine's beautiful hair haha! If I could have three wishes from a genie myself, one of them would have to be Disney Princess hair!

I'm not sure how many films I'll be able to watch in March as I may be changing jobs/moving up the country later this month so I'd better not make any promises of how many films I'm going to watch but I'll try my best! See you in a month for my next update!

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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

10 Super Easy Little Acts of Kindness - February 2017

Hi lovelies! Last month I joined Kimberley's brilliant Ambassadors of Kindness campaign which aims to spread kindness by everyone who takes part completing one act of kindness a day. Unfortunately due to a couple of things that happened in January and February I fell out of my blogging rhythm and along with that, I also didn't keep up with this campaign as much as I should have. However I am determined to make March a more consistent month!

Until then, another way I wanted to help spread a little kindness is by doing monthly posts on 10 acts of kindness you can do for yourself over the next month! These are all super easy and while they may be small, the ripples they create can be much greater, so if you can try giving one or two of them a go in March!

1. If someone's been having a bad day/week etc. surprise them with a bar of their favourite chocolate

2. Think someone looks cute AF in their selfie? Tell them!

3. If you're in a crowded public place, hold the door open for the next person after you
This is so simple but it always makes me smile when someone does it for me!

4. If you can afford to do so, donate your small change in a charity pot

5. Had really great service from someone? Send the company they work a quick email to tell them how brilliant their member of staff is

6. Clear out your wardrobe/bookshelves/DVDs etc. and make a pile to donate to a charity shop

7. If you're at work/university etc. and you're going to get coffee, offer to pick one up for someone else

8. Follow any small shops or blogs on Twitter? Give one of their promotional tweets a retweet - it might very well make their day!

9. If someone you know is feeling under the weather drop round some flowers to help them feel a little brighter

10. Share a smile with the cashiers/waiting staff etc. that serve you
As a cashier myself, this definitely makes my shift a lot lovelier!

Remember to check out Kimberley's original post on the campaign to see how you can get involved yourself. See you in March for my next post!

Have courage and be kind


Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones Book Review

Hi lovelies! Ever since I saw Howl's Moving Castle, it immediately became my favourite Studio Ghibli film - the charming characters, the love story, the beautiful animation... I have to watch it at least once a year to get my fix of it! Naturally the book that the film is based on has long been on my reading list! I finally got round to reading it recently so I thought I'd do a little review of it for any other Studio Ghibli fans who were thinking of reading it too.

* SPOILER WARNING: I've written this review for people who've seen the film but have not yet read the book, so if you fall into this category there will be no spoilers for you, but if you've not seen the film or read the book then there may be a few for you! *

One of the main reasons I picked up the book, other than to see where the film's beautiful story originated from, was I was curious to see how similar the two were. While there were a lot more characters and plot lines in the book, the film and the book were strikingly similar in their over-riding themes which shows just how well Hayao Miyaaki (the director of the film) and his team have succeeded in plucking out the heart of the story for the film. From reading the book you can see how the storyline has been streamlined for the film by combining certain characters and plot lines.

Because I'm so used to the simplified version of the story, it did feel at times like there were a few too many character/plot points than were necessary in the book. Despite this however, there was not a single dull moment! It was so lovely to get to know the characters that I already love from the film in even more detail - there's more of Sophie's sassiness and Calcifer's grumpiness, but I think my favourite had to be Howl. He was way more dramatic in the book. One of my most beloved scenes from the film is when he throws his extremely over-the-top temper tantrum over his hair dyes getting mixed up and to my delight there was even more to this in the book! Watch out for the chapter where he gets a cold... I could not wipe the grin off my face the entire time I read it!

The book also had more of a magical feeling to it than the film which I adored. Unlike the book, Hayao Miyazaki decided to give the film's story a war backdrop and while I think this helped simplify and tie some of the plot together a little better, it meant that a lot of the magic from the book was lost. And that magic was definitely a large part of what made me love the book so much! It felt like I was reading a cross between Harry Potter and The Hobbit which is a pretty spellbinding combination to me!

Overall, this was honestly one of the most charming books I've ever read. It was so wonderful to experience this beautiful story in more detail and I'm kicking myself for not reading it sooner! If you're a fan of the film then I cannot recommend it enough, I'm sure you'll love it just as much, if not more!

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