Friday, 19 January 2018

6 Thoughts On Disney-Pixar's Coco

Hi lovelies! On Saturday I was very lucky enough to be able to attend a special screening of Pixar's new film Coco at BFI Southbank which included a Q&A with one of the directors, Lee Unkrich, and producer Darla K. Anderson! The Q&A was such an amazing experience - to even just be in the same room as two Pixar legends! - but it was so interesting to hear from the creators about their experiences working on this film. But mostly, I came out of the event absolutely in love with Coco and as today is the day it's released in the UK, I thought I'd share my thoughts on it!

1. Going in, I honestly didn't know what to expect but I was very pleasantly surprised
The trailers for Coco don't really give that much of the story away which you'll understand why once you've seen the film so I wasn't really sure what to expect but I was hooked right from the beginning! I'm going to re-watch it again this weekend but I think it's already a contender for one of my all-time favourite Pixar films!

2. It was the most visually stunning Disney film I've ever seen
Disney and Pixar have got some beautiful films under their belts but nothing for me has ever compared to the art from Studio Ghibli films until now. Just wait for the scenes in the Land of the Dead - I was blown away by how gorgeous everything was!

3. I want to Disneybound Mamá Coco's outfit ASAP!
All I could think whenever Mamá Coco was on screen was how cute the colours and designs in her outfit would be to Disneybound so naturally I've already got a wishlist on the go!

4. I cried... A LOT!
I think towards the end of the film I was sat there with my eyes streaming for at least 10 minutes straight! If you don't like sad films don't worry, it's emotional rather than being just sad, but you'll definitely need to bring tissues with you to the cinema!

5. Every character was brilliant
From the main character Miguel to sidekick Dante, to Miguel's sassy grandmother Abueltia - every character was so entertaining and well-rounded, even those with little screen-time ("I asked for a shoe shine, not your life story!").

6. It was so lovely to see Disney/Pixar telling more diverse stories
You could tell from the Q&A just how much the creators cared about making a film that was both respectful and representative of Mexican culture. One of the people who who asked a question in the Q&A was half-Mexican and you could hear the emotion in her voice as she thanked Lee & Darla for making a film where she could see her and her family represented. I have to admit I knew very little about the Day of the Dead and Mexican culture in general so it was lovely to learn a little more about this wonderful holiday.

A big thank you to the lovely Charlie for inviting me to this event! I'd not heard of these events before but apparently BFI did one previously for Moana so it might be worth keeping an eye out on their website when the next Disney/Pixar film comes out in case they do a Q&A again!

If you've seen Coco let me know what you thought about it! I feel like I could talk about it forever!


Saturday, 16 December 2017

EMP Disney Christmas £10 and Under Gift Guide

Hi lovelies! EMP contacted me a little while ago to ask if I'd like to be sent some things to do a Christmas gift guide on and of course I jumped at the chance! If you haven't come across EMP before, they sell clothing and merchandise from lots of different brands and fandoms including Disney! As well as selling the loveliest Disney clothing, they also have a great range of Disney merchandise so I'm featuring some of my favourite pieces of theirs here today which are all £10 and under - perfect for stocking fillers!
First up is this gorgeous Peter Pan pin (£6.99). I honestly think this has got to be one of the prettiest pins I've ever come across, and so reasonably priced too! This would be the perfect gift for any Peter Pan fans out there. They also have a Beauty and the Beast rose pin and Lilo & Stitch pin (both £4.99) as well!
Next is this gorgeous Beauty and the Beast choker (£7.99)! This would be perfect for wearing for a trip to the Parks or to add a little Disney to your everyday outfits. If Beauty and the Beast isn't your thing, they also have a Mickey Mouse one (£6.99) or a Maleficent choker (£9.99).
How beautiful is this Peter Pan mug (£9.99)?! Unfortunately it seems to have gone out of stock since I ordered these but it might be worth keeping your eye on the website in case it comes back! Instead, they also have this beautiful Beauty and the Beast (£6.99) mug available. If you're not sure what to get someone I think mugs are the perfect gift as they're both practical and pretty!
How cute is this little Stitch patch (£3.99)?! I've been wanting to customise a denim jacket with Disney patches for ages so this guy will be the perfect thing to get one started! If you've got someone in your life who loves Disney style then this would be the perfect stocking filler - there's also Jack Skellington and Zero (both £3.99) too!
Next up has to be my favourite! For only £4.99 you can get one of these adorable Funko blind boxes with a mystery Beauty and the Beast character inside! I got the Beast and I could not be more pleased - just look at that little face! There's also a Nightmare Before Christmas one (£6.99) for Tim Burton fans.
And last but not least is this lovely Moana and Pua Funko Pop (£9.99)! I think I've included a Funko figurine in almost every gift guide I've ever done as they're reasonably priced but so cute! Unfortunately this one seems to keep going in and out of stock at the moment but EMP have loads of Disney Funko Pops including Mrs Potts + Chip, Simba and Young Moana (all £9.99) so there's sure to be something for any Disney fan in your life!

Hope this helps anyone who needs a little inspiration for any last minute presents!

Thank you so much to EMP again for sending me these goodies! It was like Christmas come early!


Friday, 15 December 2017

Belle Winter Outfit DisneyBound Collab

Hi lovelies! It's been a while since I've done a Disney outfit post but when Victoria from Accio Victoria and I came up with this idea for a Blogmas collab I was excited to give it a go again! For this collaboration, Victoria and I have both attempted our own take on a DisneyBound of Belle from Beauty and the Beast's lovely winter outfit. In case you're not familiar with DisneyBounding, it's where you recreate a character's costume using your own clothing to create a look inspired by that character. I am so in love with Belle's beautiful winter outfit - I need a cloak of my own! - so this was a fun outfit to put together!
For my look, I used this gorgeous red coat from Next to represent her cloak, a white cropped jumper from New Look for the white fur from her hood and for her pink dress I chose this beautiful skater dress that I bought years ago at a market stall in Bath. I love the pleating on it! And finally as Belle is a book worm, I thought I'd finish off the outfit with this cute book-shaped clutch from Disaster Designs!

Just before I go, here's a little peek at Victoria's take on the outfit. I cannot fangirl enough about Victoria's look, she's done it perfectly:
Make sure to visit Victoria's blog to see the rest of the photos! She looks like a real life Belle!

See you very soon for my next Blogmas post!


Monday, 4 December 2017

Disney Store UK #GiftMagic Event Haul [Part 2]

Hi lovelies! Last week I posted part one of my #GiftMagic haul about when I attended the Disney Store's Christmas event and as well as being given lots of lovely goodies by the Disney Store which I featured in my last post, we were also given a voucher to spend in the Oxford Street Disney Store! Today I thought I'd share the lovely things I picked up as part of Blogmas as so many of these would make great Christmas presents!
First up is this beautiful Animators' Collection case! Aside from the gorgeous artwork on the outside and the lovely baby blue colouring, this case is so practical as has four wheels and is really lightweight! I should know... I used this case to get everything from my haul across London and it was so helpful haha! This would be the perfect Christmas gift for any Disney fans in your life who have some jetsetting planned for 2018.
Next up we have some tree decorations! My boyfriend and I finally moved into our first little flat together so 2017 will be the first time we'll have our own Christmas tree so I was eager to pick up some beautiful Disney Store ornaments to decorate it with. One of my boyfriend's favourite Disney films is Beauty and the Beast and he also has a bit of an obsession with the Aliens from Toy Story so of course I couldn't resist these two!
Also from the Disney Store's Christmas collection, I picked up this snuggly blanket! My favourite thing to do in the winter is cuddle up on the sofa and marathon films with a hot chocolate so we'll definitely be getting a lot of use out of this. I love that cute little festive Mickey and Minnie motif on it as well!
I also couldn't leave without picking up some soft toys! I bought this lovely Animators' Collection Owl from Sleeping Beauty (his little cape though!) and of course I had to add another Ufufy to my ever-growing collection. Ufufys are the perfect stocking fillers/Secret Santa presents as they're only £5 for the standard small size! I also chose this cute little Olaf's Frozen Adventure Olaf. I love the knitted effect on him!
I also picked up two jumpers - the lovely 2017 ladies' Christmas jumper which I will be wearing constantly to work this month and this gorgeous Art of Snow White one! The artwork was so beautiful on it I just couldn't leave it behind!
I also managed to get my paws on this Baymax mug which had been on my wishlist for quite a while. I love that it has a little pain scale on the inside! It's those little extra details that make Disney Store products so special. Whenever I'm feeling a bit under the weather now I'll be making myself a big ol' cup of tea in this mug so I can have a little TLC from Baymax!
This was a bit of an impulse purchase but I'm so glad I added this to my bag now! The Disney Store recently released a few sets of sleep masks and cosmetic pouches (including a really lovely Eeyore one!) and they're the cutest things! I can't seem to find them online at the moment but you might be able to track them down in store. They'd make great stocking fillers!
And finally something the boyfriend requested haha! I don't know too much about Star Wars figurines but the boyfriend was incredibly excited when he saw this one on the website so I knew I had to track it down!

Hope that gives you a little Christmas inspiration - whether as gifts or for treating yourself haha!

Thank you so much to the Disney Store again for inviting me along to this magical event. It was honestly like a dream come true and will definitely be one of my favourite moments of 2017!


Saturday, 2 December 2017

Primark Custom Disney and Star Wars T-Shirts

Hi lovelies! I'm going to attempt Blogmas again this year and like last year I'll be posting every other day which comes to 12 posts, hence the 12 days of Blogmas (I know the actual 12 days of Christmas are after Christmas haha - it was just too cute a name to pass up!).

To kick things off I thought I'd share a perfect gift idea for any Disney and Star Wars fans in your life - Primark's custom t-shirts! Primark currently have a t-shirt making facility in their Tottenham Court Road store in London which I was able to visit and try for myself earlier this week so I thought I'd share some details and tips here!
How it works
When you arrive you begin by choosing your design on one of the screens on the desk. You can choose your own character, background, slogan and you can also add your own text! Once you're happy with it and picked the size you want, you can send it off to be printed. You can then pay for your shirt a little further down the desk and the collection point is right next to the till.

What characters you can get
At the start you can choose between either Star Wars or Disney and there is a decent range of characters to choose from! For example the Star Wars characters include Darth Vader and Stormtroopers and the Disney ones include Mickey, Minnie, Bambi, Thumper, Marie and Tinkerbell!
How much it costs
Adult shirts are £8 and kids shirts are £5 each

How long it takes
Once I'd sent my shirt off to be printed I think it was only about a 5 minute wait before it was ready to be collected. It was a very quick process yet the shirts came out beautifully printed!
The sizing is a little strange on these shirts! They're unisex so they advise you to size down but if you have a curvy body type like me then I think it's probably best to go with an oversized fit. I'm a size 12 and I went for a small and while it fits, being unisex it's not the most flattering fit so if I get the chance to visit again I think I'll either get a medium or even a large. They have all the sizes hung up on a clothing rail there for you to look through to help you decide what's best for you.
And my final design! I love that you could get a floral border - so pretty! I visited with the lovely @londondisney and @kateerindisney and we all decided to get our social media handles on our shirts! I hope this helps anyone who was thinking of visiting soon. There's lots of Christmas designs too so they would make great presents!

See you in two days times for the next installment of Blogmas!


Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Disney Store UK #GiftMagic Event Haul [Part 1]

Hi lovelies! A few weeks ago I was very lucky to be invited to a special event in London that the Disney Store UK hosted so today I wanted to share a little of what we got up to and the things that we were kindly gifted at the event!

The event was to launch the Disney Store UK's Christmas #GiftMagic campaign! We began the morning by meeting at Claridge's hotel in London where we were greeted by the most beautiful looking Christmas table, complete with either a Christmas 2017 Mickey or Minnie plush (I was given my main gal Minnie!) and a Christmas present for each of us which turned out to be the ever famous Chip mug! We were treated to a Full English breakfast whilst the Disney Store team told us a bit about their Christmas campaign.
This year the Disney Store have put together a gift guide to help you choose the perfect gift for any type of fan - from little Jedi to ultimate Disney fans! They've also got lots of offers on to help you out over the festive period (or the perfect excuse to treat yourself to be honest...). One of these is the Gift of the Week where every Monday one of their most magical gifts will be reduced for a week! For example this week there is a selection of Frozen gifts on offer and next week there will be some Moana ones reduced. Make sure to keep an eye on their Instagram and Facebook pages to see which offers are coming next!
After we had breakfast we were gifted a huge gift box, part of which was a voucher for the Disney Store which we headed to the Oxford Street Disney Store with after (which was closed off especially for us!) for a private shopping experience! We were even surprised with Mickey and Minnie showing up in their Christmas outfits! It was honestly the most magical day and I still can't quite believe I was lucky enough to be invited along!
I'm going to be sharing the goodies I picked up from the Disney Store with my voucher soon (all in the Animators' Collection suitcase above!) but for now I wanted to share the lovely things that we were all kindly gifted whilst at the event!
As mentioned above, along with the Mickey/Minnie plushies and Chip mugs we had waiting for us on the table when we arrived, we were also given a box packed full of Christmas-y Disney goodies! There were a few things in there I'd actually had my eye on and some exciting things I'd never seen before!
First up is this lovely festive mug from their Christmas collection. As soon the temperatures drop in the winter, there's nothing I love more than a good hot chocolate so I'll be definitely reaching for this a lot in December!
Next we received something very exciting which wasn't even available for sale yet at the time of the event! The Disney Store are collaborating with Stance for a very stylish range of Disney and Star Wars socks and underwear and I'm a little bit obsessed with these Mickey socks I received. The colours are gorgeous and they're so well made - I think they might be the poshest socks I own! The range has now launched online and I'm very tempted to pick up the Minnie ones to match!
Speaking of socks... I also received one of the Disney Store's lovely Mickey-shaped baubles with Minnie socks inside! I'm going to keep this displayed on our Christmas tree throughout December and then I'll let myself open it up in January - like a little post-Christmas present to myself!
Something I wasn't expecting to find but was ridiculously excited to receive was this special Christmas Disney Store key! Every day the Disney Store asks a child (or sometimes a very lucky adult!) to "open" the shop each morning using a giant "key and lock" and then they're given a smaller version of the key to take home after - just another way the Disney Store spreads a little magic! I've seen these all over Instagram and I'd been wanting one myself for ages but as I sadly don't live nearby a physical Disney Store I didn't think I'd be able to get one so this was a very lovely surprise to find!
We also given this ever-so-lovely Mickey Mouse notebook and pen set. The cover on the notebook has a fabric feel to it and its filled with lots of Mickey imagery on the inside - it would make a perfect gift for a hard-to-buy-for Disney fan as who doesn't love a good notebook? I've been using mine for blog and Instagram planning!
Our boxes were also full with a set of lovely glittery baubles! They've got lots of different Disney characters on including Figaro looking ever so adorable and festive in his scarf and reindeer antlers! This year is the first year my boyfriend and I are able to have our own Christmas tree now that we've moved into our first flat together so these will be perfect for beefing out our tree!
At last but not least we were also each given an Olaf's Frozen Adventure bag to help us carry our goodies across London in! I was actually planning on buying one of these that day so I was very happy bunny!

Watch this space for the second part of this haul with the things I bought from the Oxford Street Disney Store coming soon!

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